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One the infrastructure that gives Amazon Inc. a competitive advantage over its archrivals such as Google and IBM is the Amazon Web Service (AWS) infrastructure (Mather & Varia 1). The infrastructure is highly reliable and cost effective as compared to the on-premise infrastructure organizations have been using. A firm using the AWS longer requires future forward plans for acquiring servers, other IT infrastructure as the AWS readily avails most of the services needed, and the organization can readily use thousands of servers simultaneously and get faster results (Amazon n.p). The AWS infrastructure provides a scalable reliable and an affordable infrastructure that powers thousands of firms in more than 190 countries globally (Mather & Varia 2). The AWS serves more than one million active clients, and the firm is steadily growing the ASW to a global scale. Through the services offered by the AWS, as a client, a firm achieves higher throughput and low levels of latency. As a result, the client data bare only kept in the regions they chose. The infrastructure therefore meets the global requirements of Amazon's clients better than those of other players in the market do.

The AWS infrastructure is precious to the firm and the clients, and it is built in availability zones and AWS regions. The AWS regions refer to the physical places several availability zones (Mather & Varia 4). The Availability zones refer to secret data centers with round the clock connectivity, power supply, and networking. The facilities enable companies to adopt production systems, which are more available scalable, fault tolerant. Amazon has more than 42 availability zones around the globe. The zones are isolated from one another, and this ensures optimum fault tolerance and stability of the services given to clients.

The AWS is a rare infrastructure. The highest priority is given to the security of the clients. As a user of the AWS infrastructure, an organization benefits from the services and network architecture and data center that meets the needs of security-sensitive organizations. The AWS gives its clients the opportunity to scale their operations and innovate while still maintaining secure environments (Mather & Varia 6). Moreover, unlikely other cloud service company. The AWS enables clients to pay for the services they require, which is vital for cost savings. Using the services of Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure gives an entity the opportunity to inherit the IT, security, infrastructural and operational best practices designed to satisfy the most security sensitive clients (Mather & Varia 6). Amazon is responsible for the security in the cloud. Therefore, the clients have control over their content, applications, networks, and systems as in the cases of an on-premise data center. Accreditation and certification bodies are continuously auditing the AWS cloud environment, and this enables the companies using the services of Amazon to meet the different compliance stipulations.

AWS is also considered Inimitable. Amazon cloud provides a wide array of cloud computing services that can meet the different needs of organizations. The AWS has more than 21 application areas and functionalities. These include database services, management consoles, Software development tools, computing services, database migration services, networking services, artificial intelligence, application services, and Developer tools. The management console provided by AWS gives the clients an intuitive user interface through which they can access and use various AWS services. The console also has a mobile application, which gives the client access to the AWS services on a real-time basis. The AWS elastic cloud gives the clients a secure, scalable and extensive cloud computing capability. It enables the customers to acquire and configure capacity. It also enables clients to obtain and use new services on the go. Companies can also easily scale down their capacity (Mather & Varia 11). The cloud also enables large-scale integration. Unlike most cloud computing services, the client has complete control of the cloud computing instances. The instances can also be quickly replaced and commission in a predictable way. The IT resources of an organization presently required high level of flexibility.

The AWS is also non-substitutable. Most cloud services are relatively expensive as compared to the services provided by the AWS. In many instances, clients usually pay for additional services, which they do not utilize (Mather & Varia 11). The bundling on the cloud computing services usually results in wastage of resources as the functionalities may idle without being used. However, in the case of Amazon, customers only pay for the services they need and when they need such services. The AWS cloud storage functionality is the best there is, and it provides customers with a storage and retrieval system that support any form of data and delivers 9.99% durability (Mather & Varia 12). The size of data is no longer an issue for companies anymore as the service has all the capacity to handle big data. The AWS storage service comes with data migration services, which permits companies to migrate enormous volumes of data within a limited period (Mather & Varia 12). Therefore, regardless of the size of an organization, AWS services provide the best cloud services, and companies can expend their resources when they receive service.

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January 19, 2024

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