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Once Mexico obtained independence from Spain in 1821, they started to work on populating Texas by promoting US citizens to emigrate to the area. Immigrants from America were mostly farmers, and despite their new home, they stayed loyal to the US, which led to Mexico outlaw migration in 1830. The Mexican state couldn't hold it as Texas obtained independence in 1836, and it was admitted by the European governments and the United States. Until 1830, around 7 thousand US citizens moved to Texas, outnumbering the Hispanic homesteaders, but the settlement was later banned, and new slaves were introduced (Davis). In 1834, the immigrations were once again allowed, and the US citizens started populating the area. The state was enormous and almost unsettled at first, but there was a rather massive tension on the border between the Mexicans and Texans which was later resolved by the Texas congress passing a law claiming the larger area of the region.

Americans moving to Oregon in 1840s was also motivated by land desire and to set up their new homes. At that time, no government existed as no nation held dominion over the territory. Both migrations were primarily due to economic reasons. Missionaries also moved into the area, sent to draw maps thus there was rapid settlement in the region. The settlers sought adventure, farmland, new starts and others were escaping the hardships brought by civilization (Davis). The weather in both Texas and Oregon was conducive for farming but Oregon was far more attractive to most settlers. Settlers who opted to maintain a close link with their home country and also desired stability chose Oregon leading to its rapid development. Large population by Americans in both Oregon and Texas aided the annexation.

The Kansas-Nebraska act defined limits and boundaries between Kansas and Nebraska. There was establishment of new territories as Kansas being in the south and Nebraska in the north. As for slavery, the settlers would decide whether or not to have it. The act increased sectionalism in the area which led to war as there was divide among the people over slavery such that they were willing to fight for their cause (Barkan). Bleeding Kansas is the term describing the select period of violence during settling in Kansas territory. Kansas earned its nickname because of the bloodshed and war that happened in the region. Also due to the fact that the slavery issue was put to a local vote.

In the Dred Scott case, the United States Supreme court declared him as an African descendent he was not an American citizen and thus could not rely on the courts in search for freedom. The black people whether slave or free, could not become citizens of the United States. This decision by the Supreme Court further widened the gap between the pro and anti-slavery movements (Finkelman). The decision ruled the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional and stated slaves as simple property. This cast a serious doubt on the legality of the Compromise of 1850. The nation failed to reach a compromise on the slavery issue and in less than three years, the United States was at war.


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July 24, 2021

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