American Journalism in the Digital Age

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Journalism and Its Impact

Journalism has the power to destroy or improve people’s lives. Newsrooms report what they think is crucial for the public to know. However, the future of American journalism is doomed. Although journalists have the independence to report things that affect the public in a democratic country, sometimes they go beyond and reveal the government’s top secrets. People like Edward Snowden might have a hidden agenda when they expose the National Security Agency’s mission (Chapter Eight 207). As such, journalists should not only report any information they get from whistleblowers or traitors since it might be false allegations.

The Role of Journalism in Democracy

For sure, I am optimistic that journalism can continue to play a vital role in the United States of America (USA) democracy. In particular, media bridges the government with the public. Journalists report the news to inform individuals about essential things happening locally and politically. As such, they contribute to the improvement of people’s lives. The government also understands what the public expects from it, particularly through various development projects.

Challenges Faced by Journalism in Democracy

Journalism faces several challenges that affect how it operates in a democratic country. First, the political system does not promote freedom of media houses. In other words, it controls what journalists can broadcast to the public since it does not want to be transparent and accountable for some actions. Independence is a crucial value of journalism (Chapter 8 214). Second, journalism faces hostility from the public since sometimes it amplifies things and deflects the truth. Third, journalism is vulnerable to human bias, which might affect the quality of information aired to the public.

Solutions for Journalism in Democracy

The most significant solution to the problems encountered by journalism is a proper investigation of information before it is broadcasted. Moreover, journalists should adhere to the established regulations in all their practices to gain trust from the government. As such, it can operate as an independent body and play its roles of informing the public.

Securing the Future of American Journalism

In conclusion, American journalism can secure its future through proper investigation of the information obtained from whistleblowers. By playing its roles correctly, journalism can retain its dignity and continue informing the public in a democratic country.

Work Cited

Chapter 8. “A declaration of journalistic independence.” Pp. 207-229.

September 11, 2023



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