An Example of a Skin Care Company in the United States

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An example of a skin care company in the United States is called Murad Inc.

The firm was introduced in 1989 by Dr. Howard Murad. The company deals with “internal and external repair” of the entire skin. The company uses the ultraviolet concepts to determine the effects which the sun and other objects have caused on the surface.


Murad Inc. differentiates its products from other companies by providing services which are exclusive from other clinics. Branding is enhanced by developing unique logos and identities across the country. However, the branding system should be improved by making it appear uniform regardless of the place where the items are sold. Furthermore, branding should be done via a distinguished online channel where every client can access Murad’s goods. The use of LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter can create awareness inside and outside the country. Besides, the company can increase the penetration of its sales by improving the branding of items like bronzer, lotion, and sunscreen products.

Integrated Marketing

The existing communication channels of the firm circulate employees in a horizontal dimension. Murad works hand in hand with Unilever Company to enhance its sales. The company has also embraced an e-commerce structure which is found on its website. It has also developed a strategy of selling dry skin products at a subsidized price to attract more buyers. Hence, these undertakings can be improved by developing a platform where employees and customers can directly communicate regarding the quality and quantity of the company's products.


Murad uses the social media channels in conducting its advertisements. The main channel used for advertisement is LinkedIn. The firm promotes its sales by selling anti-aging products cheaply. Nevertheless, human resource needs to improve their advertising techniques by increasing marketing channels. Moreover, sales promotion can be increased by marketing a variety of items which can be used to cure skin maladies.

Four P’s

The first component of four P’s of Murad Inc. is the product. The products include those for the normal skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Hence, they can be improved by adding vitamin C which soothes the skin. The other element of the four P's is the price. The company has introduced prices on items depending on their efficiency on the skin. Price can be improved by making subsidize of products to customers. There is also the promotion that is done via social media platforms. Promotion can be enhanced by increasing the number of advertising channels. The last element is the place in which the product is sold. This element can be improved by choosing an appropriate market and distribution channels.

Target Market

Murad Inc. has a defined target market that is based in America and other nations that are based outside America. However, the cultural beliefs that chemicals interfere with people’s appearance by some communities have significantly affected the market of Murad products. Also, the poor social background of other people has reduced the sales of this skin care firm. Lastly, personal factors like body reaction to chemical products have hindered the sales of Murad items.

Mission and Strategy

The mission of Murad Inc. is to endow each worker so that they can develop into brand ambassadors. This is achieved by equipping employees with the abilities, knowledge, and power of serving every client equally. More so, the enterprise has a vision of turning into a community supporting center within ten years. The support will be realized by eradicating skin diseases at an affordable value and also creating more employment opportunities in the country. Lastly, the firm has developed a strategy of offering subsidies to clients as a way of increasing sales.

September 18, 2023



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