An Ideal Health System

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An ideal health system

An ideal health system will offer better health to many people at lower cost on a continuous basis. As Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), there are various business-related principles which need to be considered so as to provide safe, quality, and patient-centered care that is fiscally sound (Gitman & Zutter, 2015).

Cash flow management

Among these principles is a close management of the cash flow, proper management of the employees, and maintaining the integrity of the facility.

First, proper management of cash is very important for every business or health facility. Most of the managers are afraid to know what is in their banks. The main reason why most of the businesses fail is not that they are not making a profit, but it is because they run out of funds (Gullatte & Oncology Nursing Society, 2005).

Employee management

The second principle CNO must consider is proper management of the employees. When workers are supervised well, quality and timely offering of services will be ensured.

Maintaining facility integrity

Finally, CNO is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the health facility. A medical establishment with a good reputation will always receive many clients. In turn, more customers imply that a lot of money will be brought into the facility which can be later used in expansion and other important projects (Hickey & Kritek, 2012).

Application of the principles

The three principles are selected, since the health facility will not run profitably without them. All the elements discussed are applied in the medical establishment I am currently working at. For example, there is a frequent auditing of the facility which ensures that there is a proper utilization of the funds. There is also a good relationship between the management and the employees, and services offered are of high quality. The principles are important, since all of them work dependently to ensure the smooth running of the health facility. At a personal level, the elements provide guidance which will ensure guarantee running of the medical establishment.


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October 24, 2023

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