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A person who talks about the potential employer is the best opportunity. The success of the interview plays a major role. Therefore, by choosing good to wear clothes, one must prepare for an excellent first impression. It is important to keep in mind that you need to be professional when worried about wearing the clothes. While the job type applied for things, you have to look clean and dressed well.
A toe-pump with a mid-heel is a good choice. Regardless of shoe trends, shoes should be professional and understood for job interviews. The exception should only apply in creative positions, such as position in fashion and design industry where one has to keep up with fashion trends.
For interview purposes, the interviewee’s hair must look neat and recently trimmed. It’s something that should not be played with. When it’s a hairstyle, it should look unforgettable. Keeping long hair in a low level makes it fine as it needs no smoothing during the interview process. A ponytail is a nice hairstyle to work with especially if kept low.
Other accessories
Black, grey, or navy suit makes the best option when going for an interview. It should be complimented with a light coloured blouse. The blouse can be soft coloured to make the best impression.

Preparing for the interview
Preparing for interviews involve convincing the interviewer that you are the most appropriate candidate for the position applied for. On needs to convince the recruiter that you are the fit candidate (Michelle, 2014). Preparation plan for the interview should involve the following:
• Researching about the organization.
• Comparing individual skills and qualifications to requirements of job.
• One needs to prepare the expected responses.
• Planning on what to bring such as copies of resume, academic certificates.
• Paying attention to both verbal and non verbal communication.
• Following up the whole interview process.
An interviewee can bring several things during the interview process. Below is an outline of what to bring in an interview
• Business cards.
• Copies of resumes.
• Portfolio
• References
Professional behaviours of the interviewee
Most people understand the importance of best behaviour while in the interview process. In most interviews, people are expected to answer questions asked by the interviewer. While attempting to answer these questions, these professional behaviours can accompany the process. As a matter of fact, honesty is the best policy. Individual who tells the truth only des him/herself a favour and not helping one’s cause of telling the potential employers what they want to hear (Michelle, 2014). Interviewers should not get the sense of dishonesty while in the process.
It’s advisable to be specific as the employer can potentially ask any occasion where an individual has faced a challenge. One needs to prepare with range of answers that match those from the interviewer. It is important to share what the candidate has learnt from the experience (Michelle, 2014). Never limit one to only work experiences. Even if a starter, you can use other experiences from life to fit the interview situation.
New notes on cover letters, resumes and thank you notes
The new things I learn is that these documents need a new folder so that they can be easily identified. These are paperwork that need to be brought in the interview and so should be easily identified. About resumes that are submitted, we don’t assume that the interviewer will have a copy at hand. These documents should exist in several copies because we are not certain of how many employers we may meet apart from the progressing interview (Daniel, 2017). I learn that these documents should be brief, specific and use simple language that is easy to understand.
Two things learned
One of the most important things I learn is to change dressing attires depending on the position and type of job applied for. For example, application for field jobs wouldn’t require suit but rather casual outfit that matches the position. Secondly, I learn to keep my documents in a folder for easy access and use. Moreover, they should exist in several copies for use when required.

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August 09, 2021

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