An Introduction to the Works of Robert Lynd

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Robert Lynd was an Irish writer and editor of poetry and the urbane literary essay. His political beliefs and social views were reflected in his writing. His works are often described as socialist and nationalist, but his life and legacy are best viewed from a more universal point of view. Here is an introduction to the works of Robert Lynd. His influence on Irish literature is also discussed. Read on for further information. Also, learn more about Lynd's legacy.

Robert Wilson Lynd

Robert Wilson Lynd was an Irish writer and editor, best known for his poetry and urban literary essays. Lynd remained an ardent nationalist and socialist, a combination that makes his works more readable than ever. Read on to learn more about the life and works of this important Irish writer. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Listed below are some of his works:

Born in 1890 in Glasgow, Robert Lynd studied at the University of Dundee and then at Queen's University, Belfast, where he was awarded an honorary literary doctorate in 1946. Lynd married Sylvia Dryhurst on 21 April 1909, after meeting her at the Gaelic League meetings in London. Their daughter, Sigle, later became a close friend of Isaiah Berlin. Lynd died in Hampstead on 6 October 1949.

His life

The poet and author Robert Wilson Lynd was born in Ireland. He wrote urbane literary essays and poetry, and was also an active socialist and nationalist. His work is widely considered to be among the best in Irish literature. Although he died young, his legacy lives on. Read on for some fun facts about Lynd. Read on to discover his life story! Listed below are some of the most famous quotations from Lynd's works.

Born in Belfast, Lynd lived and worked in England for the remainder of his life. After his marriage in 1909, he married Sylvia Dryhurst, a writer and member of the Book Society Committee. Their daughter, Sigle, is also an artist. They settled in Hampstead, near the house where John Keats lived. Lynd Dryhurst died in 1949, and he is buried in Belfast City Cemetery. Lynd's early career involved journalism, and he joined the staff of the Manchester Daily Dispatch as an assistant literary editor. Eventually, he was promoted to literary editor at The Daily News. By 1912, he was contributing to other newspapers, including John O'London's Weekly.

His works

Robert Lynd's works are primarily literary essays, which he wrote for the Irish newspapers The Daily News, The New Statesman, The News Chronicle, and John O'London's Weekly. Lynd published numerous books, including Irish and English, Home Life in Ireland, Rambles in Ireland, If the Germans Conquered England, and If I Were a President, all of which were collections of literary essays. Lynd also published several books that focus on specific literary topics, including Austen, Shelleridge, Tennyson, and Byron, as well as books about writers like Byron, Virgil, and Vachel Lindsay.

Lynd was born in Belfast, where he studied classics at Queen's College. While in Belfast, he also worked briefly for the Northern Whig before moving to London and becoming a staff writer at the Daily News, where he shared a flat with the artist Paul Henry. From there, Lynd wrote satirical and humorous essays about life in Britain. His essays are known for their vivid, engaging style.

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His influence on Irish literature

Irish nationalist, political writer, and social activist, Lynd lived much of his life in England. In 1901, he moved to Manchester, where he worked for the Daily Dispatch. After being fired from the newspaper because his style was too flowery, he moved to London. He later became literary editor of the Daily News. He was also active in the world of sports, writing many short stories and essays on sports.

As a child, Lynd's mother edited the anarchist newspaper Freedom and arranged the layout of the newspaper on the dining-room table. She also cultivated the role of hostess. In later years, Lynd received the Queen's University of Belfast's honorary literary doctorate. Lynd was awarded the silver medal of the Royal Society of Literature in 1928 and the Sunday Times Gold Medal for Belles Lettres in 1932.

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