Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

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An ethical dilemma is a situation whereby an individual has to make a difficult choice regarding two courses of action which are morally correct but are in conflict. The ethical behaviors in effect or which are practiced by people are determined by the society or our cultural norms. Ethical dilemmas place many individuals and professionals in very difficult places as it is difficult for them to make critical decisions due to the ethical and moral conflicts. An ethical dilemma has been the reason for the rise or the fall of many individuals and professionals across the globe because the decisions they make may turn out positive or negative.

Request for Blood Crossmatch

With the information that the inmate was sentenced to death, I would follow his request to cross match his blood for a possible organ donor match because the child who needs the organ transplant is way below in the donor list and his health is deteriorating fast and may die soon. I would make the blood cross-match to see if the two match and if they do the child would not have to wait for the donor list anymore as he would receive the inmate’s organs and be healthy once more since it is inevitable that the inmate is destined to die anyway (Notyrparty, 2014).

Acceptability of the “End Justifies the Means” or “Doing Wrong to Make a Right”

The end justifies the means is acceptable as well as doing something wrong to make a right because despite using inappropriate methods to perform an activity the positive result at the end is what matters. The result of the action is of significant importance rather than the methods used to achieve the result. In the video, the nurses could have broken the hospital rules in an attempt to save the boy’s life clearly portraying the acceptability of the end justifies the means and doing wrong to make a right (Notyrparty, 2014).

Ethical Way to Process Cross Matching of the Blood

There is an ethical way to process the cross-matching of the blood between the donor who is the inmate and the receiver who is the boy. The doctor needs to inform the hospital management that there is a donor willing to donate the required organs and also the boy and his parents need to be informed about the nature of the organ donor. During the meeting with all the parties involved, a decision will be made if it is okay to cross match the inmate’s blood with the boy.

Feeling Regarding a Killer’s Organs inside a Child’s Body

I would feel satisfied and happy knowing the killer's organs were inside the child as the organs would help keep the child alive for a long time instead of them being left to rot after the inmate is killed. In addition, the killer’s organs can in no way affect the mental state of the child as each individual has their own cognitive behavior and independent state of mind. In a way, a life would be lost but also a life would have been saved so that is an achievement instead both of them dying.

Divulging Information to the Child

I would not tell the child the truth if he asked if the organs were from the “nice man” because as a child he may think that he will start adopting the behaviors of the donor and be afraid for the rest of his life. To keep the child safe from many mental questions, it is better to keep the information away from him.


In conclusion, it is evident ethical dilemma affects many people in the society especially professionals. While handling ethical issues at times, there is the need to break rules or use unconventional methods to achieve positive outcomes. Other ethical issues regarding the dilemma may involve not divulging crucial information to protect other people’s well-being. In a nutshell, solving ethical dilemma is very tasking and emotional and should be done with a lot of care and consideration.


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October 13, 2023


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