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The baby driver is an action movie or rather an emotional drama movie which was released in October 2017 directed by Edgar Howard Wright. The story talks about a young man Ansel Elgort as the Baby Driver of a crime boss named Doc. In his childhood, he was involved in a road accident which resulted in the death of his parents. The accident caused him to possess severe tinnitus on his ears that made him listen to music from his iPod which portrays different songs with different moods. In the world where the baby lives in, we see it been characterized by violence and crime where he was planning to run away with Debora (Lily James) his girlfriend.

               We see baby listening to music in the back of the seat while his parents argued with each other that led them to end up in the road accident. His condition for tinnitus was a representation of the emotional loss of his parents. Being a fan of cars, he ends up stealing one of his boss cars which made him grow with those criminal skills.  This made the baby start serving his boss as a gateway driver. He lived with an elderly man who was deaf and could move in his wheelchair. They could communicate using signs. As part of his job being a driver baby, he comes across with Debora waitress in which he falls in love with. The baby continued working with his boss and reached a point where he wanted to quit the job but his boss suggested one last offer for him.

                He thought of leaving but his boss (Doc) pulled him back because he had a debt from his boss and could operate under his control. He continued working with his boss and he was introduced to another gang of the crew, which things didn’t turn well because they end up conflicting with each other. The likes of Bats (Jamie Fox) and Buddy (Jon Hamm). The baby had a hard time, in the movie we see the two women characters namely Darling (Elza Gonzalez) and Debora. The two women have been portrayed in the film and depicted as prostitutes. For instance, Darling in this film is portrayed as a sex toy, we see her romancing with his boyfriend in the presence of the crew. Debora is considered as extremely pure woman henceforth the two characters drives us to the themes of racist and sexist in the film as the two women we haven’t seen them talking to each since the movie start. Bats a black criminal plays an important role in his cunning avenging character by murdering and killing a group of corrupt policemen carelessly for his personal interest.

                  By his character, he makes the white characters to own their criminal persona. He killed the police officers as a way to pay off because the reason behind the killing is that he saw one of the police officers who put him in jail sometime back. His character can be interpreted as the very strong metaphor for black retribution as to how the cops are killing the black nowadays without any reason. The movie continues as their boss had another offer which didn't turn well. During their robbery to the bank, darling got shot by the police which made Buddy so hungry with the baby since he was the cause of the lover by falling to drive them. Buddy got furious and seeks revenge by going to Debora’s place of work. He knew very well that baby will come to pick Debora so that they can run away since he had the money that they stole. To the lucky surprise, a police officer walks in and saw buddy holding the gun. As the shot on each other baby and Debora run away with the car.


                In the end, the film ends up with two lovers getting away but we were not told where they were going. As they escaped they are surrounded by a convoy of police cars blocking them on the bridge. This made the baby surrender to the police for their safety and on their hand saving Debora the love of his life by raising his hand up the sky and handing himself to the police. He got imprisoned and stays in jail for a couple of months.Later he is released on parole and they get together with Debora. Their end up happily thereafter beyond their survival as he gets to enjoy the freedom of the riding on the open roads.


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