Analysis of Beneatha as a Character in the play, A Rising in the Sun.

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Beneatha Younger: Struggling for Success in A Rising in the Sun

Beneatha Younger is a character in Shakespeare's play A Rising in the Sun. The play tells the story of a lower-income black family striving for success in the middle class. In that case, the conflict is central to the action. The play is largely concerned with how $10,000 in insurance proceeds can be invested after the payment is paid. The money is intended to pay for the death of the family's aunt, a sixty-year-old husband. Walter Lee Younger, the son He believes he has a duty to provide for his family. For that matter, he is very proud of himself and considers others to be insubordinate.

Lovborg's Discontent with Tesman

While talking in earnest with Hedda, Lovborg expresses his dissatisfaction with Hedda’s partner. He feels that Tesman is not good enough for his “friend.” He states, “ could you throw yourself away like that?” (Ibsen 216). There is a hint of pride in Lovborg as he looks down upon his Tesman. Lovborg’s pride is also evident when he feels insulted after hearing that Mrs. Elvsted is worried about him falling back to drinking again. This makes him break his own rules and go drinking; this defiance is proof of pride.

Lovborg's Tragic Decision

Due to Lovborg’s pride, he decides to take his own life as a result of losing a manuscript he was to present for review. Rather than coming up with a new one or plans to write down a different book, he feels that he has lost a “child,” a metaphor he uses to refer to his book. He states, “But to kill his child...that’s not the worst thing a father can do → ‘I’ve lost him. Just like that’” (Ibsen 245). By associating the manuscript with a child, it becomes difficult for the character to move on from the incident. He ends up asking for a gun from Hedda, which he holds carelessly and dies. Since he dies in the end, the character fails to recognize his flaw.

Work Cited

Ibsen, Henrik. Hedda Gabler. The master builder. Vol. 10. Scribner, 1917.

January 25, 2023

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