Analysis of Cultural Marxism in Movie Django Unchained

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Cultural Marxism and its Controversial Nature

Cultural Marxism can be considered as a controversial term and could also be referred to as an underlying factor that shapes societal behavior. Over the year and based on definitions offered by scholars, cultural Marxism has been related to the leftist idea and also linked the insistence of political correctness multiculturalism and a consistent attack on norms and previously accepted behavior in the society. Most often than not, cultural Marxism negates concepts such as marriage, patriotism, traditional morality, nuclear family, peace love, care, law and order, (Kimball, 2007). Based on the above background, it is essential to mention that this study is developed to point out the concept of cultural maxims in a specified example of popular culture. There is need to note also that the study would use the move titled Django Unchained to depict the concept of cultural Marxism. Facts and concept will be discussed in support the study’s thesis, and at the end, a conclusion will be developed to sum up the ideas of the study.

Django Unchained and its Relation to Cultural Marxism

As pointed out the course of the study, cultural Marxism is a leftist idea which is usually not in support of the accepted norms of the society. There is need to note that the movie Django Unchained was short in 2012 and based on the theme of the film it fits perfectively and portrays critical features of Marxism. The movie was based on the concept of racism and the superior of the white race over the black race. The film contains vivid features that advanced its theme as motioned above. The film was shot with a notion of relaying the eras of slavery and slave trade the United States. It showed scenes of inhumane treatment directed to the blacks by their white slave master. The movie features action that showed heights of violence directed against the blacken race; slaves had to walk long kilometers as the master rode on horses, most often than not the slaves were not properly dressed regardless of the harsh weather.

Scenes Portraying Cultural Marxism

The movie continued to feature the vivid concept of cultural Marxism as there where the scenes of torture which was showed terrible marks on the bodies of slaves after being flogged mercilessly for ridiculous offenses. There was a particular scene in the film where the slave master allowed two black slaves to fight to the death as a form of entertainment for him and his guests. Another concept of cultural Marxism that featured in the movie was depicted in a scene where a black slave was assault and killed by a fierce dog on the command of the slave masters as they watched with excitement and amazement.

Deviation from Societal Norms

There is need to mention that a normal society is expected to be built on the concepts of love, care, law and order; however cultural Marxism negates the above-motioned concepts. The adverse attribute of hatred, violence, disorderliness and limited care as advanced by cultural Marxism was featured in the movie. As mention earlier, there were a lot of violence and injustice directed to members of the black race and based on this action the movies also featured the fact that the blacks disliked the whites an action which led to various counteractions from the black to the whites. Such actions of revenge were carried out by the main character in the film who was also slaves, having gained the freedom he murdered and several white people. It is important to note that as soon as the movie was released in 2012, there were many adverse reactions to the film by members of the public. The film was considered to be racist inclined and was deemed unfit for the general public based on the feature of violence, revenge, and other cultural Marxism concepts that were featured in the film.


In conclusion, it has been emphasized that the cultural Marxism is a leftist idea, the concept typically seeks to advance values and believes that are contrary to the norms of the society. It most often attempts to negate proper societal norms and values based on the need to attain political correctness and other economic benefits which out regards for the effects of such action on humans. The study was developed to identify and analyze the feature of cultural Marxism in a specific popular culture. The above mention concept was identified in movie title Django Unchained which was short in 2012 with the theme of violence, racism and revenge; concepts which can be referred to as leftist, unaccepted and essential features of cultural Marxism.

Works cited

Kimball, L. (2007). Cultural Marxism. Real Clear Politics, February, 14.

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