Analysis of Edgar Allan Poe's Contributions to Literature

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In the course of conducting a content analysis, I used the directed approach which involves an examination of Edgar Allan Poe by first analyzing research findings that other scholars have developed through their studies. A directed strategy of content analysis was vital in the process of analyzing an issue because it enabled me to support and further develop an existing reports concerning the issue I was investigating. Furthermore, directed approach helped me in developing additional insights concerning the strategies that I used to further explain the issue I was studying. Apart from the improvement of a hypothesis, an application of directed approach while analyzing literary materials about Poe is vital in generation of supportive and non-supportive data which enabled me to describe the issue conclusively.

The paper that I have compiled is appropriate for scholars who majorly focus on the significance of Poe’s literature materials and the other authors in the contemporary world. Notably, the paper I have compiled majorly focuses on the relationships between Poe’s life and articles that he compiled. Also, the document I authored focuses on the perceptions that other scholars have developed concerning the life and contributions of Poe to the development of poetry and short stories in the literature world. From my paper, I would want readers to learn that Poe’s past experience had a significant impact on the literary materials he compiled. Also, the document I wrote should enable readers observe that analysists can develop different perceptions concerning a subject.


I can affirm that I had a fantastic moment while researching and analyzing Poe’s life and links with the articles he compiled because the activity provided me with ample opportunities to expand my survey skills and acquire important insights concerning Poe’s contributions to the literature in contemporary society. Also, I had a splendid experience because the compilation of my paper allowed me to express my writing skills and help in developing an article which is vital in enhancing other scholars’ abilities to effectively examine lives of legendary writers, especially Edgar Poe. However, it is vital to disclose that despite the enjoyable moments I had during the research, I underwent frustrations due to scarcity of primary texts which focus on Poe’s life and the manner in which experience influenced contents in his articles. I also suffered due to loss of some of the crucial data that I had collected, an occurrence which adversely affected the process of writing my paper.

In the course of my research, I learned that a majority of documents which Poe authored significantly reflected the nature of events that occurred in his life. For instance, Poe’s decision to author scary literary materials (such as horrors and gothic tales) mainly served as references to the challenges he encountered in his daily life. Through a research and compilation of a literature, scholars develop personal attributes that are critical for an improvement in their welfare. For instance, the process of survey and writing of a paper helped me develop my self-esteem which is important for my success in the activities I undertake. However, through the research and writing of an article about Poe, I have discovered that I have poor data analysis skills. Therefore, my major focus is to develop the manner in which I collect and organize pieces of information I retrieved from studies which other scholars have conducted.

December 12, 2023



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