Analysis of Elena Mannour's Music Website

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For any career, a website is one of the tools that one can effectively use to enhance visibility and help in growth by targeting online audience. It breaks geographical boundaries as it can be seen by anybody who is on the Internet, regardless of their geographical location. A successful website can also generate online sales. It is cost-effective, convenient, and is accessible around the clock. The following paper seeks to review a music website (of Elena Mannour) and how it can lead to a successful music career.

Website Commentary

The layout of the music website is attractive and contains all the crucial elements that a successful site should contain. It has a good visual design and therefore may be crucial for attracting online audience (Lee, 2011). As a personal website, it has photos that would inform the audience about the musician. The pictures are visually appealing. The website also indicates the name of the musician (Elena Mannour). It informs about the specialization of the musician (vocalist). It targets online audience that is interested in singers like her.

The website also has the critical navigation choices for users. It has a homepage, bio, videos, gallery, events, and contact. These are vital for the success of the musician as it helps the target online customers to learn more about the musician (Cannon, 2014). The homepage section informs the audience of what the website is all about. It is the first point of contact with the customers (Gueguen, 2010). The homepage of this particular website is informative and may be critical in attracting potential online customers to go through the website in a great depth (Cannon, 2014). The site also has the bio section that indicates the credentials of the musician. It highlights her success, which may be vital in endearing her to her potential customers and also retain her existing fan base. The ‘About’ section gives a background of the musician. Therefore, it makes it easy to know more about her. It states that she is completing a degree in Music. It informs the audience of the passion that the musician has had for music by undertaking studies in Music. It also informs the audience that she has been doing paid live shows in Cyprus and England, which is indicative of her experience in music. She has performed in popular venues and festivals, and has also done studio recording. In addition, she has a Youtube channel that means that she has been taking her music career seriously. The website also contains her Facebook link that can be instrumental in connecting with her fans on her Facebook page. It is vital since social media is one of the most successful ways to gain an online customer base. (Owsinski,  2017).  She has participated in local and international song competitions and emerged as one of the top. All these highlights indicate that Elena Mannouri is a serious upcoming musician with great potential.

The website also contains her CV, which goes further to inform about her passion for music and may help her get employment opportunities. It is written using the recommendations on how to write a good CV by Mackevic (2017). The CV is detailed and contains her contact information, which is crucial for communication purposes. It also informs the audience that apart from singing, she has gone a notch higher by enrolling for Music Performance-Singing course so that she can gain more insights in the music career. The CV highlights her career objectives, job history, achievements, qualifications, and other interests.  It revolves around her passion and achievements in music, which has a purpose of relaying information about her music career and the potential she has in music. It is a marketing tool for her as it seeks to endear her to existing and potential fans.

One of the most crucial aspects of the website is that it contains testimonials. They help in shaping positive opinions about the vocalit. The testimonials come from respected people in the music field. For instance, it contains testimonials from the Director of the School of Music and her vocal couch. They give positive reviews about Elena Mannour, which may be crucial in helping her get more fans.

Another vital aspect of the website is that it contains videos. It is important since it gives people a glimpse of the actual performance of the musician. It gives the audience the room to judge her musical prowess. It is one of the most significant parts of the website because it goes straight to music performance, and not just on mere words. Therefore, it may serve a more influential purpose for her audience than the other parts of the website. It gives the names of videos such as Junior Eurovision Song, I will always love you, among others.

The website also highlights the past and upcoming events of the musician. It is a promotional tool because it gives potential fans a breakdown of the events that the musician has performed in or is intending to perform in. It also gives her fans the performance schedule so that they can be prepared to attend her shows.

Swot Analysis

Swot analysis entails analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a person or a business (Seth, 2015). It is a tool that may assist in making crucial decisions to achieve optimal results in an undertaking. We present the Swot analysis of Elena Mannour.

Strengths. Her strengths include possessing the necessary musical qualification. It is important because it gives her more insight in the music industry. She also has a great web and online presence. She is experienced because she has performed before large audiences and been to television and radio shows.

Weaknesses. Some of her weaknesses is that she has not secured a contract yet, she has few connections in the music industry, and that she has not been able to have a music partner. Other weakness is that she does not have a completed marketing plan for her music career. She also does not have a CD that she can sell through her online platform.

Opportunities. The growth of the Internet can now make her to promote herself through various online platforms such as Youtube, Spotify, personal websites. There audition opportunities are numerous, and they can provide her with the necessary platform to showcase her skills. She can also perform in bars, restaurants to help her secure many jobs. The qualifications in English and Greek would also be of help in the music career.

Threats. Some threats that she faces are intense competition among various musicians, over-reliance on recruiting agencies which may be exploitative to musicians, and online music piracy.


The website of Elena Mannour gives her a great chance to connect to her existing and potential fan base. It may be successful in helping her succeed in employment in her music career. There should be an attempt to update the website regularly to incorporate recent and more relevant content such as videos of live performances. The website should put more focus on uploading more videos of the performances by the musician as it would be more effective in promoting herself so that she grows in her career.


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