The Music Industry in Toronto, Canada

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If you love the music industry and you are looking for a musically happening place to go, Toronto, Canada is the place. While Toronto holds major stadiums such as Rogers Centre and Air Canada Centre, the city is always hosting big stars such as The weekend, Beyonce, Taylor swift, Ed Sheeran and many more. Toronto is also known for producing some of the most influential artists known to date; Justin Beiber and Drake are two examples of top artists that call Toronto home. Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre and Scotiabank arena typically host the bigger A-list acts and events while smaller venues such as The Danforth Music hall and The Opera House host the smaller more intimate acts. Toronto will be hosting famous Bruno Mars while hes on his “24K Magic World Tour” and Cher while she embarks on her “Here We Go Again Tour” both performing at Scotiabank arena this year. Toronto is constantly looking to bring in legendary artists as well as newer, upcoming artists (Sowunmi, 2018). The variety of venues and artists is what makes Toronto so musically cultured.

 Toronto sets the right foundation with the most prime quality recording by use of the top line gear. In this city, musicians are creative in mixing and mastering while upholding technical standards across all devices. Majority of them are known for adding depth and creativity in their artistic works with custom designed sound effects and soundscapes. Toronto has both small and big venues both of which provide adequate intimate experience to every music fan (Dolan, 2016). Music aficionados can catch a show at any night throughout the week at a wide array of venues dotted all over Toronto. Rodger Centers, for instance, is s renowned venue for huge Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events. In EDM, disc jockeys (DJs) produce faultless selection of tracks (referred to as a mix) by segueing from one recording to another (The Toronto Convention and Visitors Association, 2018). Massey Hall is another venue that has played a key role in shaping Toronto’s live music scene. It is among the performance spaces which have hosted legendary shows like Charlie Parker and Enrico Caruso and it is well known to fans of folk and rock music (Hobbs, 2018). In addition to these big venues, Toronto city also, has several smaller venues like The Dakota Tavern, The Danforth Music Hall, The Opera House, and Bassline Music Bar which are thriving destinations for live music. The Danforth Music Hall, for example, which ensures prime view angles for all people, has a fantastic sounding and lighting and hundreds of music lovers congregate here to stay. The Opera House has been around for several years and hosts international rock stars together with indie darlings (Dolan, 2016). Young or old, these are places to visit on any night that shall leave your ears humming in the best way possible.           


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October 05, 2023

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