Analysis of Information, News and Journalism

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English Literature consists of different synonyms and Information, news and journalism are not one of them because they mean totally different things. In this paper, therefore, we are going to talk about how these words differ and how they confuse the audience with interpretation. Most of the audience find difficulties in interpreting these two words because they relate to each other but insinuate different ideas. Information is like the raw material to news meaning news is constructed from particular information.

News and information can be false or true but information is analyzed and news is made. Journalism, on the other hand, is mainly characterized by principles and regulations for example in order for journalism to take place, journalists must be present in deriving the truth of the information in the production of the news. The reason these words are confusing the audience is that the audience tends to think that they mean the same thing while it is a building block from the information analysis, then production of the news by the journalists which is basically journalism. The type and the context of news will depend on the content of the information given and the agility of the journalists in identifying and giving of facts to the audience. News mainly consists of organized presentation that is analyzed in the text of current issues affecting the people. Information, on the other hand, can be visualized or any interpretation that is tangible physically or through the site that can be derived at any given time in the specific time possible.

News can also be used in spreading of knowledge through construction and building of reports. Journalists who take part in news casting from an information derived from any subject should make sure that there is a rapid spread of educational news that is very important in the society(Harcup, 123). This is because News casting all over the world is presented through different channels, for example, the television and radio. It is also watched by people in the society from different age groups from children to adults. People in the society require education from different areas for example effects and abuse of drugs in the body. Journalism takes a more professional path because, in order for the journalists to be committed to the truth and show loyalty to the citizens, he or she is required to undergo training in the multimedia institutes. This line of work or career requires discipline, commitment, and flexibility on how to handle negative or positive information.

Despite the facts in this topic, there have been also misconceptions and myths about information news and journalism about the existence of journalism slaves where information was only derived from the American cultures and Industrial revolution. This was the beginning of the spread of information and technology. (PAJ, 81)

 In the current world, the audience can get information from anywhere through the use of internet due to rise in technology where the information can be leaked or posted by anyone which can be deceiving or the truth (PAJ, 84). The audience, therefore, should learn in acquiring the right information using proper channels and analyze the difference between these terms. Information, news, and journalism are related to building each other but they all have different meanings.


Harcup, Tony. Journalism: principles and practice. Sage, 2015.

September 11, 2023



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