Analysis of Music Pieces

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I specifically chose Eine kleine Nachtmusik because whenever I hear the sweet melodies from the tune, I reflect my life through my childhood to date. For instance, most movies I used to love when I was young had the tune as the background song. The piece is considered among the pioneers of the classical era because of the memorable melodies and using the them within contexts of specific forms (Cripps 10).

Piece- Hostias

Composed by: Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Year Composed: 1791not completed

First Completed: 1792 by Süssmayr

Performance: Orchestra by Wiener Philharmoniker, chorus by Wiener Hofmusikkapelle



I love this piece of classical music because it was composed by one of my all-time favorite traditional artist, Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus. Besides, its success is a clear embodiment that good music never fades even with the demise of the composer before its completion. The piece is classically based on strict adherence to music rules, 14 movements in eight liturgical sections (Cripps 10).

Music beyond the Concert Walls

Piece: Alice in Wonderland (Score)

Composed by: Elfman Danny

Year Composed: 2010

Performance: Film Score



I chose this piece because it is a great example of how music can be interwoven with another form of art to create something spectacular (Henderson and Lee 14). Alice in Wonderland (Score) sets the entire mood of the movie. The piece begins with a slow tempo then gradually builds. Besides, the tone is somewhat magical making one feel like in a different universe in which the movie is set.

Music Piece: Nightmare Before Christmas

Composed by: Elfman Danny

Year Composed: 2009

Performance: Film Score



I chose this song because it differs significantly with most of Elfman’s compositions for Disney. In this piece, the tempo is quite quick and very uplifting. Further, the mood is immediately set when the films begin as it moves interestingly and fast (Henderson and Lee 14) Moreover, the song has few uniting harmonies thus making the music very interesting.

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