Analysis of Out-of-Scope Functionality for Mobile Ordering System

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Mobile Shopping Technology in the Restaurant Industry

Mobile shopping technology has become part of basic necessities for ordering in the restaurant industry. Today, restaurants have focused on implementing systems that facilitate product ordering and delivering, in their daily business services (Reddy, Chaitanya, Abhinav, & Feiroz, 2016). These services are done over mobile ordering application that enables an effective flow of business. In this scenario, a project team is tasked to evaluate an out-of-scope functionality that will improve the current mobile ordering system, in a food processing company. The current system entails customers downloading an ordering App on their mobile devices, select store location, choose an item, pay, and then select pick up or delivery option. Payment processing is done after customers receive their ordered product.

Proposed System with Special Cooking Instruction Option

The proposed system incorporates current functionalities but it offers another crucial feature, a special cooking instruction option. Prior to the implementation of the system functionality, data will be collected from customers’ suggestions via the company’s social media platforms. The collected data will be analyzed by the project team to come up with vital strategies for the proposed extra functionality for implementation. Gathered data is also crucial as it helps the company to have an estimated number of customers they possess worldwide. Additionally, the new functionality’s data will be added to the current Oracle database system where customers will be required to update their current mobile ordering Apps to enhance utilization of the newly added features.

Responsibilities for the Company and Customers

The proposed functionality will contain a number of responsibilities for the company and customers. Special cooking instruction option in the App will entail customers giving specific recipe and method for particular food they desire. However, this option will be limited to a maximum of five offers per day. The App interface on the customers’ device will contain options where they are able to select particular ingredients to be added to the food product. To enhance efficiency, this option will also incorporate a call button and pick up or delivery time. The call button is useful when the company or customer needs to make a clarification. Accordingly, the company will be required to employ qualified chefs to enable meeting customers’ demands. Despite being cumbersome, this option will benefit the food company by increasing customer satisfaction and relationship.


Reddy, S., Chaitanya, K., Abhinav, M., & Feiroz, K. (2016). An Online Food Court Ordering System. Journal of Information Technology & Software Engineering, 6(4). doi:10.4172/2165-7866.1000183

September 11, 2023


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