Analysis of Robin Hood

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Robin had a conflict with the Sherriff and his administration. It is for this reason that Robin created a band with the sole purpose of campaigning against the Sheriff. The band was initially made up of Robin’s close allies. However, as the band grew bigger, problems began to emerge. First, the men became less vigilant and discipline started to deteriorate. Second, food became scarce in the forest and this had to be supplemented with supplies from the outlying villages. Lastly, the band’s financial reserves started to decline owing to high cost of buying food.

 The initial idea of the band was to redistribute resources by taking away from the rich and giving to the poor. However, as it turned out, Robin was contemplating taxing the poor so as to raise the necessary finances to support the band’s activities. This was strongly resisted by the band members for the very reason that it was against the band’s mission. The Sheriff was getting stronger and better organized proving a major threat to Robin’s band. The Sheriff had more money and men. Moreover, the Sheriff was well connected and he had powerful friends from at court as well as in the political front. All these problems made it very difficult for Robin to overthrow the Sheriff.  

2. a) Division of labor

Robin’s band had specific tasks. Robin was the overall head of the band responsible for making important decisions.  Will Scarlett was responsible for intelligence and scouting. Little John was responsible for keeping discipline among the men. Scarlock was responsible for handling all the finances of the band including paying out shares of the loot and find suitable places to hide the surplus. Lastly, Much was responsible for provisioning of the band.

b) Unity of command

Being the overall head, Robin united the band and he was responsible for making important decisions on behalf of the band. All the band members rallied behind him. Also, to keep the band together and united, Little John ensured discipline among the band members.

c) Centralization

Despite their different roles, the band members had one central goal. Their main goal was fight against the Sheriff. Their mission was to take way from the rich and give it to the poor.      

d) Discipline

Discipline among the members was enforced by Little John. He ensured that discipline among the band members was at high peak to meet the demands of their profession. However, as the band grew bigger, it became difficult to enforce discipline among the band members.

e) Esprit de corps

Robin’s men are kept together by the spirit of fighting the oppressor- the Sheriff. They have common grievances and a deep sense of justice.

3. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats inherent in Robin’s Case

In terms of strengths, Robin had a well-organized band with defined roles and objectives. Guided by grievances and a deep sense of justice, this band grew bigger each day recruiting men from every corner of England. In terms of weaknesses, the band grew bigger to the extent that discipline started to deteriorate, food became scarce and financial reserves declined. In terms of opportunities, Robin’s men had an opportunity to make cash from their various loots. This could later be used to fight the Sheriff. In terms of threats, Sheriff was becoming stronger and better organized with more money and men. This posed a real threat to Robin and his men who had insufficient finances to support their activities.

4. Concepts of motivation theory

Robin could use the idea that unsatisfied needs tension and a state of unease (Petri, Herbert L, and John M Govern). In this regard, the main goal is to have action plans and strategies that will lead to restoration of justice and fairness to all people.

5. Issues of ethics and social responsibility

Robin was charged with the responsibility the Sheriff and his administration and redistributing resources from the rich to the poor. This was one of the ways of ensuring justice and fairness to all. However, his quest to fight for justice was thwarted by Sheriff’s powerful connection.

6. a) Economic forces

At the beginning, Robin’s men had enough supply of food and financial reserves. However, as the band grew bigger, food became scarce and financial reserves declined.


Socio-cultural forces

  Robin had the task of uniting men from different social backgrounds. The band members were drawn from every corner of England. In this regard, the task at hand was to ensure that the band was disciplined.


Political and legal forces

The Sheriff is using powerful political and legal connections to obtain reinforcement in his administration. He has powerful friends at court and he is also a good friend of Prince John. The Sheriff is ruling the people with a fist hand. It is for this reason that Robin is trying to overthrow Sheriff’s administration.

7. Preferred leadership model

Given that the size of the band is growing bigger, the preferred leadership style for Robin is democracy. With this leadership style, the power rests with people and Robin will be required to make important decisions. This is the only way Robin can overthrow Sheriff’s administration

8. How can Robin improve communication?

In order to improve communication, Robin needs to appoint one of his men to be in charge of communication. The communication personnel will be responsible for conveying important information to the band. He could act as a spy and inform the group of the impending threats.

9.   What is the overall action plan? Mission? Performance objectives? Strategies? Action steps for implementation?

The overall action plan is to fight Sheriff and his administration. The mission is to redistribute resources from the rich to the poor. The performance objectives include recruiting as many men as possible and ensuring discipline among them so as to overthrow the Sheriff. Strategies and action steps include living outside the law, confronting the Sheriff and ensuring state of unrest until Sheriff is removed from office.



Petri, Herbert L, and John M Govern. Motivation. S.L, Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2013,.

October 30, 2023
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