Analysis of The Film "It"

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Based on Stephen King's book It, the film It is a brilliant horror film that revolves around the fear and fantasy of children. It is clear that the director, Andy Muschietti understands what King had in mind when writing about the fantastic clown. The movie is set in a fictitious town known as Derry which has a history of accidents and lost children while grown-ups fail to investigate any of the past matters often referring to them as nature's wish. Based on the characters and occurrences in the film, it can be termed as a gothic enigma.

The Mysterious Architecture

As a gothic enigma, the film has a mysterious architecture in the form of the crown which is the main villain of the film causing lots of insecurities and fear among the children. At the beginning of the film, the crown is seen in the sewer as Georgie run after his boat only to engage in a wooing conversation with him into getting it and eventually biting his hand off and taking him into the sewers. The director ensures that the viewer decides what to fear through by including a lot of fear factors throughout the movie despite the fact that the children miss most of these pointers.

The Characters of the Town

The characters of the people of the town also depict a character of a gothic enigma throughout the film. While the grownups should be responsible for the safety of the children, most of the grownups in the film tend to be the opposite, and they seem to be enjoying the mysteries that the children are going through. Even parents take part in terrorizing children or are not involved in ensuring that the children are safe. At one point, Georgie races past his mother despite his fear of dark but the mother does not seem bothered as she continues to play the piano seemingly in her own world. Furthermore, given that there is no conversation between little Georgie and his own mother, it is clear that the grownups in the town are lost in their work or their world and are the monsters that the children must fear.

The Children's Fears

As the viewers chug forward in the film, it is clear that each character is afraid of something which characterizes a gothic enigma in the film. All the children's fears have unique characteristics which amplify their fears. Furthermore, despite the fact that frightening things continue to occur among the children, there is no closure since it is a subconscious fear factor that stays with the viewer alone. The fear factor continues coming and going the time thus keeping the viewer in constant fear. However, it is interesting that nothing happens to the kid since they are all an abstract amplified version of what they fear.


As seen in the above discussion, the film 'It' is a gothic enigma film that helps the viewers live the flick as if it were their own story. The film is made in a way that the viewer decides on what to fear based on how they view the occurrences. The crown's representation, the unbothered grownups in the town as well as the characterization of the children who face different types of fears portrays a gothic enigma in the film.

September 25, 2023


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