Analysis of The Godfather Movie

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The Godfather: A Classic Movie with Rich Themes of Violence

The Godfather is even well thought-out by most American populations as a classic. Furthermore, the American Film Institute had the movie ranked at number two in the year 2008 as one of the best movie releases as far as the American culture was concerned (Silver 1). The Godfather movie has the whole lot from great action scenes as well as globally recognized actors. The Godfather movie cast include popular actors such as Al Pacino, Marlon Brando including James Cann amongst others. The Godfather movie represents one key theme all through the entire movie, which is violence (Silver 1). More or less each scene in this film is either a portrayal of real violence accumulating or the viewers are shown several characters discussing violence. Nevertheless, it is the premise of hostility in The Godfather.


Opening Scene

The initial scenes in The Godfather illustrate power and control as witnessed through a man beseeching with the character; Don Vito Corleone, to cause pain to several men to achieve fair dealing for his daughter. This man goes ahead to tell the story of his daughter who was taken victimized of by a few young men and it is clear to the viewers that this man's daughter underwent a rape ordeal. For this reason, I felt that the initial scene was gloomy coupled with extremely few light revealed; thereby, setting the frame of mind for the whole movie. Hence, the viewers obtain the logic immediately that the Don Corleone holds the authority of making desired matters happen such as justice by forcing individuals to suffer for their mistakes (Silver 1). Following what appears to be time without end, Don Corleone finally granted the said man his desire of passing fairness to his daughter, however, in substitute Don Corleone warned the man that at a specific date in the future he will call upon him for a return favor. Consequently, this scene makes one notice that Don Corleone is in control and that brutality is the most common subject in the entire film.

Subsequent Scenes

The subsequent movie reveals a singer known as Johnny Fontane who is actually related to Don Corleone as Johnny was his godson. Johnny is revealed asking his godfather for assistance in getting a lead character role in the forthcoming movie. Johnny thinks that in case he obtains such a position, the lead character role would facilitate in boosting his profession as well as his fame once more. Using this appeal, Corleone decides to send his adopted son named Tom Hagen to California in order force the lead director of the upcoming film cast Johnny. Following the director's refusal to casting Johnny, Tom Hagen violently cut off the director's horse's head and went further to place it on the bed of the director while he was sleeping. I presumed that after this violence happened, the director will be forced to cast Johnny in his upcoming movie. Additionally, while the camera was shooting the director who was in bed there was too much blood, and therefore the viewers were directed to see the disengaged horse head. I felt that this particular scene of the movie was very ghastly and realistic. Following this stage, it is apparent that if the Corleone family fails to get hold of or hear whatever they please, they will utilize any exploit to ensure that their desires are met (Silver 3). Additionally, this particular scene is utilized to demonstrate the control the Corleone family seized all through the country. Once more hostility was the primary purpose shown during this stage.

In the next scenes in The Godfather movie, there are a number of the most significant events for the reason that these events guide the audience to the continuance of the film. After Hagen comes back from California, the whole Corleone support attended every critical meeting where they convene with a man referred to as Virgil Sollozzo. Sollozzo demands Corleone's business in protecting the opponent Tattaglia family due to their interest in getting initiated in trafficking illegal hard substance drugs such as heroin. However, Corleone declined to offer any assistance because he thought that being involved with narcotics would result to the destruction of his political connections besides his reputation.

After this meeting, Corleone was very troubled therefore deciding to send one of his most prominent men, Luca Brasi. Luca Brasi was to check in with Sollozzo to assess what he is up to nevertheless; while Brasi is there, he, unfortunately, got stabbed in hand beside getting beaten to death. All over again, I was exposed to violence that used as a means of getting desired things done. Brasi is murdered due to the reason that Sollozzo was being set up. I thought that such violence comes as a shock to the viewers since in this scene all of the characters are demonstrated standing peacefully while speaking to each other when out of nowhere a man is seen taking hold of a knife and stabbing Brasi 's hand into the countertop. Moreover, the audience is forced to experience the total of how horrendous it was for Brasi since the camera was paying attention to Brasi 's hand when the knife forced itself through it. Thus, this scene illustrates clearly that other families have well-organized methods of dealing in business activities (Silver 5). According to me, it seemed as if there is rivalry among diverse families and that anyone who was able to cause most damage is the family who grasps most control and power.

The subsequently crucial scene is the illustration of Corleone doing shopping in an outdoor market, where he was shown purchasing fruits. Corleone is illustrated having his back towards the camera, which instantaneously compels the audience to think and feel that something terrible is bound to happen. Minutes later the camera indicated two men were running towards Corleone while holding guns that were pointed toward him. These two men immediately had begun shooting Corleone forcing him to falls to the ground. It is important to note that these two men were pulling the gun at Corleone since he had declined Sollozzo's offer.

As Corleone is getting shot, Sollozzo, on the other hand, was capturing Hagen and making an effort of convincing or forcing him to tell Corleone's oldest son Sonny to accept the offer forcefully. This particular scene is illustrated fewer graphics to the audience who got to experience less violence although it was prominent. I believe that this was most likely done discretely since it stands for the high opinion people have towards Corleone. Furthermore, the viewers got to experience an emotional effect after Corleone got shot. Despite the fact that he was apparently a mob boss the viewers had already learned to accept and as a result liked Corleone therefore seeing hint shot resulted to a considerable amount of sadness (Silver 11). For instance, after seeing him shot I hoped that he was going to be okay, which resulted into a huge relief.

The Youngest Son's Journey

The youngest son in the family of Corleone was known as Micheal, who is illustrated as a war hero, who unlike his family had decided not following his family's mob business. However, this assumption changes though when Michael was shown going to pay a visit to his father, who was recuperating at the hospital. Michael suddenly discovered that there was a set up taking place to try and murder his father for the second time. After Micheal successfully stopped the kill attempt, corrupt police who was named McCluskey violently broke his jaw out of disappointment. Nevertheless, Sonny decided to strike back by murdering Tattaglia's son. After watching events in this scene, I felt that it yet another touching stage because I was made aware of how emotional Corleone sons are as far as their father was concerned.


Throughout The Godfather movie, the audience is compelled to begin to see and understand the meaning of family and how strong a family bond can become. For instance, Michael is seen often trying hard to step up while at the same time keeping his cool different from his brother Sonny. The Corleone family is willing to take any action with the aim of keeping each other together but safe. This is despite the fact that the family was not very active in public affairs and preferred to keep to themselves.

Works Cited

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