Analysis of The Movie "A Beautiful Mind"

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The Science and Social Aspects of the Movie

The science part of the movie involves the part where doctor Blalock needs to cure a congenital heart defect known as Baby Blue Syndrome through heart surgery. This could only be done through medical science. Helen and Blalock experiment on dogs. They use scientific techniques and conduct vascular suturing techniques in laboratories. The social aspect of the movie is when Thomas and Blalock had to learn to respect one another and appreciate each other’s work even with their social differences. Blalock and Thomas had a partnership despite their racial differences where Thomas is an African American employed to be a janitor and Blalock is a white. The duo works together harmoniously and eventually succeeds to save the dying blue baby. I have learned that everyone can accomplish whatever they have set out to do if they are committed. People can also work together despite their gender, racial or any other difference and still produce positive results. Human relationships are, and it is impossible to survive without the help of the other person. Therefore, human beings should strive toward building better relationships and living in harmony.

How the Movie Relates to Me as a Student and Scientist

As a student and a scientist, this can help me grow by providing me insight on what it takes to save a life. A lot of work is needed to come up with solutions to scientific problems. I should, therefore, be willing to learn at all times so that I can gain experience and knowledge on different issues. The movie relates to commitment and capability habits of the mind. Having an understanding of biology can benefit society as biology helps in solving problems which affect society. Such issues include high mortality rates as a result of various diseases. The knowledge will assist in the reduction of deaths related to illnesses. The movie relates to me in that I am a Natural science student with interests in biology. Therefore, I would like to come up with solutions to diseases and the movie has shed some light on the process involved.

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