Analysis of the Song "Guardian Angel, My Better Half"

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The Song's Musicality and Progression

The song involves a harmony of the poem and musicality as evident in the progression of the song. The revolves around the love, and the pain as well as joy associated with it. The song is presented in a high pitch from the beginning to the end with both the instruments and soloist participating throughout. There were tonal variations employed to enhance the appealing and influenced the listener's moods. The message deeply sinks into the audiences because of the various musical techniques employed to enhance the relevance and appropriateness of the message to the listeners. A slow tempo and rhythm in the music enhances the musicality as well as triggering the deep thoughts from the audience they reflect on the message conveyed by the singer. There were no variations in the tempo, a constant tempo set by the instrumentalists was used, and the soloist would interlude within the already set rhythm. On the other hand, it would have been better if the author incorporated varying tempo and a soft pitch in the music composition.

The High Quality Production

The music was produced with high quality, and this is evident in the harmonization of the instrumentalist and soloist voices. Also, the key ranged from B to G with proper transitions being conducted throughout the song. The rhythm and tempo employed matched the message and text of the song. There are a lot of emotional empathy and sympathy drawn from the song as one listens or reads through the text. The reader highly emphasizes the theme of love and dedication, and this is evident in the various terms and phrases used in the song. For instance, the singer says that 'you raise me lovingly above myself, my guardian angel, my better half.'

October 05, 2023

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