Analyzing Old Hymms and Modern Christian Music

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The Adoration of God

The adoration of God is the central theme of both these hymns and the modern Christian songs. The Supreme Being is mentioned in both collections of songs. Both the traditional Christian songs and the modern Christian tunes use exceptional word choices. The language is blunt. Each and every statement is significant. They convey specific knowledge about the Supreme Being. However, the words used to write contemporary songs are much more alluring and from the current generation. As a result, individuals are more likely to become interested in listening to songs of this genre. Artists have used it as a marketing strategy. In both types of songs, if the musical instrument accompanies the song, it will still have the same meaning. The music only makes the information which is being passed to be more effective.

Personal Effect of the Lyrics

There is a personal effect to the lyrics of both the old hymns and the contemporary Christian songs. When reciting or singing both songs, the personal relationship between the singer and the Supreme Being is clear. The songs express the personal feeling to God. The repetition is a common phenomenon in both sets of songs. The repetition helps in enhancing the rhythm of the song. For example in the hymn; Give me Jesus, the words ‘ooh give me Jesus’ has been repeated several times as the song's chorus. This developed a rhythm in the song as a whole. In the modern Christian song ‘Rest my soul’ has also used repetition. However, comparing between the old hymns and the contemporary Christian songs reveal that repetition in the modern songs in rampant as compared to old hymns.

Cultural Elements

Culturally, most of the old hymns have cultural elements. The songs have some words which show or reveal the culture that is upheld by the members of the society who lived when the song was written. There is less which is revealed about the culture that the singers or the writers of the song uphold. However, some of the contemporary songs had some elements of culture for example, ‘your blessing,’ description of the blessing that God showered to the writer of the song reveal the culture in which the individual is in.

Writing Styles

There is the difference on how the two sets of songs were written. Primarily, the writers of old hymns did not follow any rules concerning the structure of the song. The flow was only ensured. The contemporary songs however considerers the structural rules of the song. The words are well arranged, and the rhythm of the song is excellent. The both cases of songs deal with the doctrines. These doctrines are religious. The songs generally should deal with doctrines. Songs are primarily designed to pass certain kind of information. Therefore, the spiritual songs are always designed to convey the religious message which is there in the doctrines.

Length Difference

As compared to the contemporary Christian songs, the old hymns are very long. The primary reason behind this length is that the old hymns do not follow the simple structure that is adopted in modern Christian songs. The words that are used by the contemporary songs are direct; this is another reason why they are short. Most of the old hymns are not direct regarding the choice of words used. It involves some phrases which make some of them hard to understand.

June 26, 2023


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