Anna North's "Should Schools Teach Personalities"

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The most critical factors of deciding his or her interactions with others and the general universe are individual character, values, logic, and spiritual beliefs. Although many human beings struggle only to develop ideal relationships with their fellow human beings, nature has always compelled them to maintain cordial relationships with all the elements that make up the biosphere.
In his research work published in 2014, Arthur Peropat asserts that the number and even the existence of other objects around him are determined by human nature and personality. For example, he posed an argument that a careless personality will have the best interactions with non-live objects, while he shall experience worst relationships with living organisms, which must have some perfect environmental conditions for good natural ties. The article, therefore, explains why human personality should be taught in schools.

Why Personality Should Be Taught In Schools

Human personality can be considered a multi-form item, which can be induced naturally into the human sense. Is can also consist of some aspects that have to be induced into sense by an external force, which in this case, is either a teacher or a counselor. It goes without contradiction that all humans have a natural personality that can neither be improved nor removed from them.

People have the ability to gain personal attributes when taught or made to practice. For example, it is possible to make a student adopt a prayerful personality, just by citing the advantages of adopting such a character. In the article, Benedix believes that teachers have the ability to understand the weaknesses of students only when they get involved in the actual teaching of personality. It is, therefore, important for schools to teach human personality as part of the curriculum.

Work Cited

North, Anna. (2015). Should Schools Teach Personality? London.

July 24, 2021

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