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The purpose of this homework is to introduce you to APA style, as you will be required to use this format for all of your papers in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Please be sure to complete all of the steps as outlined below in order to receive full credit.


Make sure to use the assignment rubric to guide your work.


1. Locate the name of a recent (<5 years), professional, nursing journal

related to the area of nursing you are interested in pursuing. Please refer to the library resources in Blackboard to help guide you.

2. Find one scholarly article related to your topic and read it.

3. Type a one page (double spaced) summary of the article you read.  In your summary, make sure and use in-text citations, including page numbers if you use a direct quote. Remember, even information that is summarized must be cited to avoid plagiarism.

4. At the end of the summary, type the reference to your article in correct APA style.

5. Please include a copy of your article with your assignment submission; this can be a .pdf file. Simply attach both this template (in Word format) and the article to Blackboard when you submit.

A word about plagiarism:  When you submit homework to an instructor, you are saying, “Unless I have noted otherwise with a citation, this is my own original work; these are my own words and my own original ideas.”  Reading the article, understanding it, interpreting it, and creating a summary in your own words is part of the work of learning.  Using someone else’s words is like saying “I did this work” when you really didn’t.  Use this assignment as an opportunity to work on your skills of reading and summarizing.

Workspace: Please begin your assignment below. Follow APA format (double space, no bold font, in-text citations) and make sure and use complete sentences, grammar, and spelling. You do not need a title page or headers but you must include your reference at the end.

Article Summary:

The article is an investigation of the relationship between the satisfaction of a parent and the perception of family-based care and demographic characters. The descriptive study supported the supposition that parents offer to their children is the most critical parameter that influences the response of the kids towards nursing care and against medical challenges (Cimke, 2017). The study involved 285 participants who were parents (Cimke, 2017). Multiple modes of gathering data were utilized. The methods comprised of resources such as family-centered care scale, pediatric standard of life inventory health care satisfaction gauge and domestic descriptive questionnaire form (Cimke, 2017). Various methods were used to analyze the collected data and included Pearson correlation analysis, independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, and descriptive analysis (Cimke, 2017).

Within the study, it was evident that the standard practices that the mothers engaged into were: orally feeding of children, changing their clothes and, offering company during practices that were painful (Cimke, 2017). The author clarified that parental participation is key to the quick recovery of children. The research findings also established that a significant relationship exists between a mother's age, place of residence, level of education and the number of their siblings (Cimke, 2017). The findings also implied that the mutual relationship between the families, patients, and health staff played a role in enhancing the safety and quality of Medicare. Besides, the connection is vital in enforcing parent's satisfaction with the healthcare. In conclusion, the scholar recommended that it is essential for mothers to get involved in healthcare for their siblings (Cimke, 2017). It was concluded that mothers should gain the knowledge and skills needed for the care for their kids.


APA Style Reference (at the end of the article):

 Cimke, S. (2017). Mothers' Participation in the Hospitalized Children's Care and their Satisfaction. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 10(3), 1643-1651.

October 13, 2023

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