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Workplace diversity refers to the broad range of variations that exist among employees in a business. Race, gender, disposition, tenure, cognitive style, ethnic community, education, organizational structure, context, and many other factors all contribute to diversity. Diversity encompasses how people view others and those around them. These kinds of viewpoints have a tendency to influence their experiences. As a result, in order for a diverse range of employees to perform efficiently within the organization, human resource experts must effectively cope with problems such as adaptability, transition, and connectivity. Successful companies tend to recognize the need of taking immediate action and are willing and ready to spend their resources on the workplace diversity (Choi & Hal 111).

Apple Inc. is one of the top electronic companies in the globe. As a successful organization, Apple Inc. has realized the need for taking immediate action in terms of work place diversity. Its success as well as competitiveness largely depends on its ability to embrace diversity as well as realize the benefits. Apple’s handling of work place diversity concerns as well as development and implementation of diversity plans has resulted in the company’s success over the years. Apple Inc. tends to take a holistic view of work place diversity (Apple Inc.). This includes the varied perspectives of workers, application developers, suppliers as well as other individuals who inspire the company’s technology. This is because the company acknowledges that new ideas usually come from different ways of looking at things. Therefore, Apple has an ongoing commitment to higher diversity and inclusion.

Cox & Blake business related reasons as to why organizations should pursue diversity

Taylor Cox and Stacy Blake proposed that there are mainly six specific reasons as to why companies should value diversity. They include: cost, marketing, creativity, resource acquisition, cooperative behaviors, system flexibility, problem solving and marketing. Apple Inc. also pursues work place diversity as a result of the same reasons. Firstly, Apple values work place diversity with the purpose of managing its costs. This is because, costs which are associated with doing a shoddy job in integrating employees from diverse backgrounds may be extremely high. These costs are often related to lower levels of job satisfaction as well as the subsequent turnover costs of lesbians, gays, women, minority as, religious faiths as well as other groups of individuals whose contributions are often devalued (Choi & Hal 111). This is a significant organizational concern for Apple, specifically because the number of minorities and women in the work place tends to increase with each passing day. The costs which are associated with turnover rates includes lost productivity while positions are left unfilled, exit interviews, recruiting costs associated with recruiting of new individuals to fill up the places. An average recruiting cost for most companies including Apple is $12000 per every hire.

The second reason for valuing workplace diversity is resource acquisition. Cox & Blake suggested that a company’s ability to attract as well as to retain workers from various backgrounds as being a resource allocation. Workers at Apple are from diverse backgrounds including people of color, worker’s disability, sexual minorities and women. This is because, if a company such as Apple develops a reputation for the valuation all kinds of workers. Apple values diversification because it increases its ability of competing in tight labor markets. Companies that draw from small pool of workers tend to have higher compensation costs. Such companies may also have a lower productivity. As a result, Apple Inc. tends to work with a diverse group of workers with the aim of attracting individuals with high skills and required abilities drawn from all works of life. Therefore, Apple has risen to become among the most productive and profitable companies in the globe.

Another important reason as to why Apple has been pursing diversity is to market itself. This is because, a company’s reputation of valuing its employees tends to affect its ability of marketing itself to different types of consumers. This may be accomplished in different ways. Firstly, customers who tend to appreciate a fair treatment for all individuals are more likely to patronize companies known for value diversity as well as treating their workers in a fair manner (Khan et al. 300). Apple Inc. tends to support various Human rights campaigns. As a result, it receives recognition from organizations it supports together with its patrons. In addition, having workers from diverse backgrounds tends to improve Apple’s marketing ability because it is able to better develop products that tends to appeal as well as appeal to a diverse range of consumers. For instance, it tends to manufacture laptops, phones, software, iPads and other types of electronic gadgets that are used by different individuals across the globe. Another reason for Apple to value its workers from diverse backgrounds is to avoid costly marketing mistakes that are associated with having homogenous marketing or advertising teams.

Creativity and problem solving is another important reason as to why Apple Inc. tends to value a diverse workforce. This is because, companies which are composed of individuals from diverse backgrounds tend to bring with them different experiences which often results in greater problem-solving ability and creativity. Apple acknowledges that diversity tends to positively affects a company’s performance, innovation and creativity. The company believes that groups that are greatly composed of homogenous members have the ability of generating superior ideas which are vital to success as global competition rises. This explain why Apple Inc. has innovative and unique products that tend to appeal to a huger number of consumers from different countries around the globe (Khan et al. 300).

System flexibility is another reason as to why Apple. Inc. tends to maintain a diverse work force. This is because it gives Apple Inc. a competitive advantage. According to Cox and Blake, women tend to have a higher tolerance compared to their male counterparts. Research reveals that tolerance for ambiguity as being associated with success and cognitive complexity in different uncertain situations. For instance, women are able to multitask compared to men. Successful multitasking has always been considered as valuable in complex situations. Biculturalism and bilingualism tends to be indicative of openness and cognitive flexibility to experience. In America for instance, Asian and Latino Americans are in most cases bicultural and bilingual. African Americans are deemed bicultural. This is why Apple Inc. has numerous employees from different ethnicity backgrounds.

Ways in which the initiative was initiated as well as introduced to its employees

Firstly, the company assessed its diversity at the work place and made it an integral part of its management system. This was done through a customizable employee satisfaction survey that helped it to complete this assessment in a convenient and efficient manner. It helped the management ream determine the various obstacles and challenges associated with diversity, as well as identify the different policies which need to be eliminated or added. Reassessment was then done with the purpose of determining its workplace implementation plan for diversity.

Secondly, Apple Inc. developed a diversity work place plan. This was done through the selection of a survey provider that tends to provide comprehensive reporting. The plan was a comprehensive one, measurable and attainable. The last step was implementation of diversity within the company. This required the personal commitment of the managerial teams and the executive. Managers and leaders within Apple. Inc. incorporated diversity policies into different aspects of the company’s purpose and function. The attitude towards diversity originated from the top and later filtered down to the rest of the company. There was increased participation and cooperation from the management which was crucial in creative a culture that was conducive to the overall success of Apple Inc.

There are different ways through which Apple has introduced diversity at the company. Firstly, the company decided that an equal work required an equal pay. As a result, the company evaluated its compensation of its American workers and closed the gaps it found. Currently, the company is analyzing its salaries, annual stock grands and bonuses for all its workers across the globe. The company has vowed that if it finds any gasps, then it will address it, and will continue maintaining a pay equity for its diverse workers who do the same work. Another way through which Apple Inc. is dealing with diversity is by identifying as well as addressing diversity issues. For instance, the company is helping workers identify as well as address unconscious gender and racial bias. The company is also cultivating a diverse leadership and technology talent. Apple Inc. is also continuing with its activities of advocating for LGBTQ equality particularly in America. Another way through which Apple Inc. is promoting diversity is by investing in resources for service members and veterans and their families. Apple Company is also exploring different ways of supporting its workers who are disabled.

Ways in which Diversity in Apple Inc. is promoted to its workers and to the general public

One of the ways through which diversity is been presented and promoted to the public is through marketing. This is by strengthening its common bonds through various marketing events, programs, and on-campus groups. As a result, the company’s diversity network associations have existed for decades. These groups in turn help Apple Inc.’s workers to make connections that tend to create trust among them and a feeling of sense of belonging. This creates a place here all individuals can find an accepting community that makes them feel supported.

Benefits that Apple gets as a result of work place diversity

There are numerous reasons as to why Apple Inc. is pursuing Work place diversity. Firstly, the company tends to benefit from increased adaptability. Due to the fact that Apple Inc. employs a diverse work force tends to supply a variety of solutions to its problems in terms of allocation of resources, sources and services. Employees from different backgrounds tend to bring individual experiences and talents in suggesting varied ideas that are flexible in adapting to the various fluctuation market needs and customer demands. Secondly, the company tends to benefit from broader service range as a result of pursuing a diversification strategy. This is because, Apple Inc. is exposed to a wide collection of experiences and skills such as cultural understanding and languages. This allows the company to provide its services to its customers on a global scale. Apple Inc. tends to have offices across the globe serving clients of various races and nationality. This has made able one of the leading electronic organization companies in the globe. Thirdly, the company has benefited from a more effective execution. Due to the encouragement of diversity in the workplace, it inspires its workers to perform to their highest of ability. Organizational-wide strategies may then be executed which results in a higher productivity, increased profit margins as well as high return on investment.

Ways in which diversity hampered Apple’s organizational performance

There are several challenges that Apple experiences because of pursuing and promoting diversity at the work place. Firstly, there is communication challenges. Cultural, perceptual as well as language barriers to exist. This ineffective communication of the company’s key objectives and goals tends to result in increased lack of team work, confusion as well as low morale. As a result, Apple Inc. needs to come up with different strategies for overcoming these barriers with the aim of promoting diversity programs. This will increase the company’s productivity as well as growth. Secondly, there are huge challenges experienced implementation of workplace policies. This may be an overriding challenge to the company’s diversity advocates. Equipped with the results of personnel assessments as well as research data, the company must be able to build as well as implement a customized strategy with the aim of maximizing the effects of diversity at the company.

Thirdly, Apple Inc. experiences the challenge of successfully managing diversity in the company. This is because, diversity alone is not adequate for the company’s diversity management plan. This means that strategies must be created and implemented with the aim of creating a culture of diversity that tends to permeate every function and department of the organization. Another way in which diversity at Apple Inc. hampered diversity is through integration. Social integration within the company is sometimes influenced by diversity. This is because, it promotes the formation of exclusive social groups and cliques which is considered a natural process. Due to this reason, Apple Inc. tends to experience informal division of its workers by avoiding exposure to one another after work and during break times. Although there is nothing quite wrong with this, it tends to hinder the effectiveness of sharing skills, knowledge and experience. This in turn curbs productivity growth as well as the effectiveness of its teams.

In conclusion, it is evident that work place diversity is an important and crucial aspect of Apple Inc.’s success. Diversity at the work place tends to encompass race, gender, personality, tenure, cognitive style, ethnic group, education, organizational function, background and many more aspects. Diversity tends to encompass ways in which people perceive others and those around them. Employees from different backgrounds tend to bring individual experiences and talents in suggesting varied ideas that are flexible in adapting to the various fluctuation market needs and customer demands. Apple Inc. tends to work with a diverse group of workers with the aim of attracting individuals with high skills and required abilities drawn from all works of life.

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