Application Lifecycle Management Software: VersionOne

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The Application Lifecycle Management tool for Sifers-Grayson

The Application Lifecycle Management tool that I would advise Sifers-Grayson to purchase is VersionOne. It can be used to help properly manage and protect digital assets of the organizations while ensuring a seamless workflow between the employees. With security being the major aspect, VersionOne will ensure that the data stored and used by the organization will be secure and safe from intruders. ALM allows organizations to better manage their employees and data since access to resources is restricted (Stark, 2015). It has a variety of features and capabilities that can be used to track tasks, manage users and control access to crucial data in the system. Better control of system resources using Application Lifecycle Management software's will help to improve security and productivity in organizations (Burke, 2013). Adoption of use of the ALM by Sifers-Grayson will not only improve the security of data, it will also improve the efficiency of doing, tracking tasks and communicating with other employees in the organization.


The first feature of VersionOne is the administrator level control and a user level management (Capaterra, 2017). The administrator will be in charge of assigning user level to the employees. Since Sifers-Grayson has different managers, through the authorization of the administrator, they can add users and assign them tasks. The second feature is it allows task management. The managers will have an easy time as they can monitor the progress of various tasks using the software and easily communicate with other employees. The third feature is it allows defect tracking. In case there has been changes or the administrator or manager of a project notes there is a defect, the software allows them to tract the fault. In case there is an intruder, using the software will easily allow the managers and administrators to note and remove them to prevent any harm caused to the organization. Another feature is that it allows enterprise integrations. Since Sifers-Grayson has been using some other platforms, VersionOne allows integrations hence it will reduce the effort and time that would have been taken to transfer all the processes to the ALM.


The first capability of VersionOne is it can be deployed on cloud, web and as SaaS (Capaterra, 2017). That would mean it can be deployed on any device in the organization and when one of the methods fail, work will not stop as the other methods can be used. The second capability is that it has different versions that employees can use to learn about the software (Software Advice, 2017). The software allows the employees to train to use it since it provides in-person training, have webinars and documentation. The third capability is that it allows the users to customize their storyboards. That will help to make projects have better visuals. The software is also easy to use therefore it will improve the efficiency of doing tasks in an organization. It also has a free trial where the organizations can try out and make a decision on whether to choose the software as their preferred ALM.


One deficiency is that VersionOne keeps being modified from time to time (Software Advice, 2017). The company modifies the software frequently and that can be a challenge especially for employees who do no keep up to date with the updates. It can also be confusing especially when employees doing the same task use different versions. The second deficiency is that the software is costly. To small organizations, it can be hard for them to afford the software but to a larger organization, they can use the software to improve the efficiency of doing tasks while maintaining security.

Discussion of VersionOne

When the employees of Sifers-Grayson adopt the use of the VersionOne, they will reduce the risk of exposing crucial data including source codes and designs of projects. The software allows the administrator to manage user level and assign tasks to different employees. That way, it would be easy to establish if there is an intruder in the system. Using the features of task management and defect tracking, even in situations where an intruder had access to the system, it would be easy to establish the type of data they accessed and if they manipulated it. Using the software will also prevent attacks hence the data used and stored in the organization will always be safe. VersionOne is secure and would notify the administrator in case there is an intruder who wants to access the system since every user has an authentication. It will also decrease vulnerabilities such as internal breach that a take place. By allowing users to track changes on projects, manipulating the data would be difficult. Access to data is also restricted since an employee can only access data assigned to them by the administrator. The software has good feature and capabilities that can be used by Sifers-Grayson to reduce risks, increase resistance to threats and decrease vulnerabilities, therefore, data stored and used in the organization will always be secure.


I would highly recommend Sifers-Grayson to consider using VersionOne as their preferred ALM. The first benefit the software offers is that it will improve the security of access to information. It has an admin panel that allows the administrator to add users and provide them with specific data thus one would require authorization to access some data. The second benefit is it will improve access to system resources. In case there is an illegal access or an intruder manipulates the data, the administrator will be notified and since it can be deployed on the cloud and web, employees will enjoy the flexibility of working remotely. Another benefit is it will improve accountability. It has a task management feature that indicates the changes made and by who hence the organization will better manage their data and projects. When Sifers-Grayson will use VersionOne, processes will become efficient and data will be more secure hence beneficial to the organization.


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September 11, 2023


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