Application of devotional to Business

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Business professionals must avoid compartmentalizing their work and church lives in order to fully give all aspects of their lives to God. Any business professional must understand how their life is important to God and how their religion will affect any part of their professional life. It is important to remember that businesspeople's job is important to God, but so is how they incorporate their faith at work. This involves upholding one's religion, engaging with people frankly and equally, and preserving personal dignity. The paper aims to assess devotional and how it can be applied to business through the application of principles of management from the religious perspective.

Application of Devotional to Business


As a leader in the world of business, it is mandatory to put responsibility first. It is because commitment enables leaders to complete tasks as they have a compelling purpose, a clear perspective, courageous persistence as well as unstoppable zeal to pray. The characteristics of business people can be compared to the people of Israel who finished the wall of Jericho in 52 days through the guide of Nehemiah as a leader (Maxwell, 1996).


It is an essential aspect of success since an individual with a mission will always be determined to leave a mark wherever they go. Having a goal is a clear indication one never quickly drift away from his set mission as the purpose can keep one in a battle or struggle just like Paul when he was in prison. A target can motivate an individual and keep their priorities straight and transparently conduct business (Maxwell, 1996).


Leadership will always be natural and most effective when business leaders lead from the gifts and strengths that they possess. It must not be compelled on people, feel artificial or imitate other people when leading (Maxwell, 1996). Effective leadership takes place when leaders result from their identity. For instance, Paul was confident that the direction of Timothy would grow when he recalled three facts which are a firm conviction, spiritual gifts, and his secure heritage. Paul plainly reminded Timothy that God did not give him fear, but the tools do the job. The same concept must apply to business leaders in the contemporary world in that they must always be aware that they have the various gift from God that can assist them in their daily business activities (Maxwell, 1996).


Leaders have considerable influence in the society hence they are deemed to receive a stricter judgment just like pointed out by James (Han, 2015). A mistake by a leader is likely to affect numerous people who follow him while that one of a follower will probably change the follower and his family alone. People in positions of influence will give an account of how they used their power (Han, 2015). God will be a spiritual accountant as He will call leaders to answer for how they handled the resources he gave them. People will be required to provide account of what they did with their lives and the influence that they possessed at the time of judgment. Business leaders must, therefore, be responsible at all times for their actions and the decisions they make have in mind that leadership privileges come with accountability (Han, 2015).


Business is a challenging undertaking that requires one to borrow and apply religious concepts to assist in the whole process of management. Concepts such as accountability and commitment are critical in ensuring that responsibility and self-discipline come first in the business environment. Business people must use their gifts to conduct business with the aim of transforming the society positively through being original and avoiding imitation and keeping their priorities straight.


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Maxwell, J. C. (1996). Partners in prayer (Vol. 1). Thomas Nelson Incorporated.

December 28, 2022


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