Application to the Honors College

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Management is a critical field of today's world. No company can function without proper resource control. My interest in management stems from the concept of optimal resource allocation. As a result, I find it very fascinating in my career direction to make an attempt to collect new ideas. While taking difficult classes in high schools such as psychology, philosophy, physics, and chemistry, I achieved a high degree of academic excellence. I had the privilege of working as an assistant for a well-known event, in which I will continue to participate. Also, by traveling and taking part in the extracurricular activities, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and pursue my aspirations and interests in the arts. Admission to the honors college will widen my scope. My skills will be sharpened beyond expectations. In addition to the experience I have gathered both in the field and in my field of study, the college will enhance them. The Honors College will enable me enhance my art skills. Being part of the honors program will broaden my expectations. I will be able to learn the diverse scope of art. It is at this program I will have a chance to meet with different people from diverse background. Exchange of ideas will be encouraged and made easier. Besides, having programs facilitating idea sharing will lead to new developments. Being surrounded by inspiring people the honors program will offer a chance to develop new ideas and improve my strengths. I am confident that being part of the program will help me gather valuable experience. I believe that my interest will be considered as I look forward to develop my art.

November 03, 2022
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