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Applied Anthropology as a social science

Through the exploration, I realized that anthropology is a social science that the human being both in the present and the past. It can be grouped in 4 branches that are; sociocultural, biological/physical, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. Additionally, I learned that this field is complicated and often interrelates to other disciplines such as social, humanities, biological, and bodily sciences. Thirdly, I became conversant with bodies that promote and guide anthropology such as NAPA (the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology) and SFAA (Society for Applied Anthropology). These two bodies are responsible for the merchandising of investigative techniques in human behavior and facilitate the utility of anthropogenic findings and knowledge to the contemporary issues in society, which is often a tough endeavor. Last but not least, I learned that there are several employment opportunities for anthropologists such as the government, NGO’s and universities as well as colleges.

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The three sites that are relevant to anthropology are; /journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1096-8644,, and You should proceed to the first site to review scholarly articles I anthropology which have been written by various professors around the globe in their collaborative efforts and their findings on the topic which is divided into several titled articles. The second website, similar to the first one has several scholarly articles on anthropology with the added option of available conferences that one could attend. The last link points to a website that belongs to the University of Chicago press which makes it a credible source similar to the two aforementioned ones. This site has the current events in the field of anthropology such as global warming. Additionally, the site has a section where it offers a review of books that are related to anthropology thus diversifying its reach.

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