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Technological Progress in Computers, Internet, and Mobile Phones

Since the beginning of human civilization, technological development has been a constant phase. After settling and domesticating animals and plants, the man had free time to bring his thoughts into motion. He created software to make his work simpler, resulting in more free time. The man was able to produce significant innovations such as the wheel, printing press, telephone, and machine using this series. As a result, technology has advanced at a breakneck pace, particularly in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, as computers have become more accessible to almost everyone on the planet, information transmission has become faster and more developed, and computers and other electronic devices have become more affordable. This paper will, therefore, show technological progress in computers, the internet, and mobile phones and also delve into the issue of whether technology is progressing from time to time.

Technological Progress in Computers

The mention of the word technology brings up the thought of computers. From the time the first generation computer was invented, the computer has seen major developments that have worked to the advantage and disadvantage of humanity (Seli & Juan 149). In the ancient times, computers were too bulky and complicated to use. Their processors were also quite slow and their storage systems small. However in the 21st century, the computer has progressed massively: the CPU of a desk top computer became smaller in size making the computer portable (Seli & Juan 149). The speed also got increased making it more efficient and the storage system also got expanded. The invention of external storage devices like the diskettes, hard drives and flash disks made it easier to store more information. Other more portable computers were invented for efficiency. For instance the laptops and tablets, which have a faster internal processing unit and a bigger storage (Seli & Juan 150).

Technological Progress in the Internet

The internet has also witnessed major developments. For instance, people can get important information from the internet (Burr et al. 150). Online learning and jobs have made life easier for most people in the world. The economy of the world has grown massively with the invention of online trade. The world has become a global village thanks to the easy of communication through the internet. One can communicate with another person from different parts of the world through this platform (Burr et al. 151-152). The internet has also created awareness to many people; hence making them informed of what could be going on in their world. The medical sector has not been left behind since people get doctors online, consult with them and get diagnosed through the same internet. To sum up, these are major progresses in the field of medical science with the invention of sophisticated machines that help in making life comfortable (Seli & Juan 150).

Technological Progress in Mobile Phones

There is also notable development in the mobile phone industry. Initially, one would only make a voice call or send a text message through the device. However, Apple Company made major developments on this device and invented the iPhone (Burr et al. 158). The iPhone had many applications that make the mobile device a whole new item. Apart from making voice calls and texting, with the iPhone, one could take pictures, access the internet, download items from the internet, watch movies, listen to music, and record among other applications (Burr et al. 159-160). The other mobile companies did not delay in making such devices due to consumer competition. The mobile phone has progressed further: it has more and better applications that have made life quite easy for humanity.


Conclusively, technology has developed from primitive items to the modern day complex and more efficient devices. All the areas of a person's life are getting touched and made better by technology. Even though the progress of technology has numerous positive impacts, it has also impacted the social life of people negatively. All in all, technology is not stuck; it has made major progress and is still progressing.

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December 21, 2022

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