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The project was about android development in which the client requested for the creation of two applications. The project also involved the utilization of the Taiga URL and Gitlab Contributors Report. The Taiga URL will be examined weekly to ensure that the user stories were completed successfully. Similarly, Gitlab Contributors Report will be examined weekly to ensure that every member of the team commits to the master branch of the project.  The project was regularly assessed by the project supervisor to ensure that the progress will result in a successful project. Team professional professionalism was assessed by the staff member and it was based on the performance of the group during the sprint meeting and review with the client. For that reason, it is imperative to present the retrospective portfolio of the project. It is purely based on the effectiveness of our team.

Did you deliver value to the Client?

The value of the design was delivered to the client as we managed to achieve the requirements for client satisfaction. Client satisfaction was based on the assessment of the project for successful completion. The assessment process was moderated by the supervisor from which the client was satisfied as per the outcomes of all our sprint meeting.  Customer satisfaction with the first steps played important role in the successful completion of the project. For that reason, members of the team came to learn that quality products and service delivery is the key element to the success of every project. Therefore, the team could not have thought about the successful project without exceptional performance. The team had to come up with strategies that can result in excellent performance. For instance, members of the group had to submit the progress of their tasks after every two weeks to the project supervisor. The supervisor then organizes a sprint meeting with the client, whereby the progress of the project is discussed with the client.

The value of the working software was also based on the quick evaluation of its usability.  Therefore, it was essential for the development team to ask the client feedback about the usability of the software (Shah & Abd, 2013). The client will also be supplied by more than three software deliveries so that the development team can get effective feedback from the client. The advantage of the frequent delivery is that the client will have already get used to the feel and look of the software. The client will not be surprised about the final product because he (she) was the part of the design process as per the outcomes of the sprint meetings. It is from these meetings that both the client and developing team had the opportunity of evaluating the effectiveness of the software.

Delivery of a working software

A working software was delivered at every sprint meeting we had with the client. Members of the team ensured that the software was tested before the report for sprint meeting is generated.  In order to deliver a working software, the team relied on the utilization of the principle of agile software development. The principle of agile helped with the delivery of a working software frequently depending on our schedule, which was also determined by the frequent sprint meeting with the client and the project supervisor.  After the design phase of the software, the team had to retreat to their software factory to ensure that a working software is delivered before the next sprint meeting.  Since every member of the team was a software developer, each was provided with ample time for creating their own interpretation of the software functionality. This provided the team with the opportunity of identifying the fundamental functional flaws that can be experienced with the software.

Delivery of a working software also helped with the involvement of the client in the development process. The client was given frequent moments for delivering inputs. Since the client was also part of the software design process, it was essential that client also give ideas on inputs to be incorporated into the software being designed or the next version. Moreover, frequent delivery of a working software enabled the developing (our) team to keep the expected design product to align with the changes that come with the working environment. The client was also not surprised by the final product because he (she) has seen it several times. As a result, there will be no need for teaching the client how to use the final software (s) or applications.

Effective Communication

Effective communication during the project was brought about by team professionalism, which was ensured by the assessment by the staff member. During the project of Android Development, it was imperative that members of the team deliver their responsibility in a professional manner. Even though the team was not that collaborative, members manage to understand the advantages that come with team professionalism, which include competence, reliability, honesty, integrity, respect for others, self-upgrading, supporting others, and staying focused. Whenever there was team cooperation amongst members, the competence of every member was realized. This implies that every person was good at what they do. We already had the skills to deliver the required task. However, little cooperation amongst members happened to ruin the competence of the team.

Team professionalism is also determined by reliability. During the project members will depend on another to show up on time. Every member is required to submit their tasks on time, especially when they are already completed.

The professionalism of the team was brought about by the honesty of every member. Every group member was required to tell the truth and be upfront about how things stand. Honesty and integrity are somehow related. It is essential that the group show some level of consistent principles. Also, team professionalism is brought about by having respect for one another. Every member deserved to be treated with respect for successful completion of the project.

Effectively respond to the feedback from the client and peers

The common feedbacks that were received from the clients and peers were about the factors that influenced the environment of the project. Do these factors relate to the software alignment with the ever-changing environment?  According to the responses from the software developing (our) team, factors that influence the environment of the project include business, technology, organization, and registration laws.  The business requirements of the project might change during the development of the software. For that reason, competitive circumstances or business strategies might require changes resulting in the drastic development of a new project.

The technological changes can result in a new environment. Consequently, resulting in the creation of a new system. Technological changes may include new supporting platform, new operating system, and changes in the interfacing system (Calnan, 2017). The organization itself can influence the environment of the system project. Organization changes and even business takeover can drastically result in the changes of the requirements for the software design. The changes that come with registration requirement might influence the functionality and the environment of the software system. If a new law is implemented, the functionality of the end-product will also change. The factors influencing the environment of the project relates to the process of alignment. The issue of alignment is only solved through the frequent delivery of a working software. The frequent delivery is also accompanied by frequent tests whereby the developed system is aligned to the required environment (David, 2011). The developing team must welcome the changes that come with environment alignment and learn how to handle them base on the client’ requests. In many cases, the changes that come with the project are incorporated in the project scope. Some can even be dropped if they cannot cause greater influence to the system.

Respect to other peers in the team

Although the team was not collaborative at the start of the project, we manage to handle the situation in the later stages of the project. Every member of the team was encouraged to be positive because no one would like a constant pessimist. It was essential that every member of the team have an upbeat attitude and work hard towards being a problem solver (Zykov, 2016). That is how every member started to gain respect from other peers. The success of the project also depended on the respect that each member of the team shown one another. Peers were treated as they matter for the success of the project. For that reason, members of the software development were required to attend sprint meetings on time. They were also expected to deliver their tasks according to the timeline of the working schedule. The team later become effective with their tasks because every peer learns to respect one another.

With respect to the team, other attributes such as reliability, honesty, competence, and integrity come by themselves. The software developing team will become competence because there is respect between members. With respect, members of the team will learn how to support one another. They learn how to share the spotlight of the project together as they plan to show other peers how the development of a working software is properly delivered.  Peers are required to lend one another a listening ear if necessary.  This will make the team stay work-focused.


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