Atomic bombs are weapons of mass destruction

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Years and years after the atomic theory that proved that matter consists of smaller particles, people have found a way to weaponize this theory, thus producing atomic bombs. Atomic bombs are mass-destruction devices. They endow the user with the power to destroy and even pronounce death on those who use them. As a result, if the United States of America were to use them against Japan during this time of the war, this alone could aggravate the war and leave no room for retreat. As a result, it is reasonable to endorse the President of the United States of America's prohibition on the use of atomic bombs during the present stage of the conflict.

Feasibility and Power

To start with, scientists are requesting something that is feasible. More to that, they are requesting it from someone with the power to deliver to their request. The president is the Commander-in-Chief giving him all the powers to make decisions regarding war. Since the bombs are in the hands of the army, then it is only the president who can give the go-ahead on whether to use them or not. He can decide when to go to war and even when to use the atomic bombs. In addition, they have put the country’s greater good first. All they are concerned about it the welfare of the nation as a whole and not just the welfare of the scientists. In so speaking, the president is also supposed to ensure the safety and welfare of the country when making such decisions (Atomicarchive).

Adverse Effects and Ruthlessness

Equally important, their petition is compelling. These scientists acknowledge that it is inevitable to use the bombs during this war but also argues that it is not the right time yet for such an action. Moreover, using the bombs at this stage will have adverse effects not only to Japan but also to the United States of America. If the Army begins using the bombs at the current stage, it will be irresistible to use them at a later age or even in another war, not only by Americans but also by the entire world. Arguably, the war is only becoming more ruthless by day since the weapons used today had been condemned by the same Americans in the previous years and thereby, using the atomic bombs will result in more ruthless weapons in the near future. Consequently, this ruthlessness will only result in destruction. In this light, if America results in using atomic bombs, she will be only the beginning of destruction, and there is no telling how far the destruction will go (Atomicarchive).

Self-Defense and Control

Certainly, America should only result in the use of atomic bombs for self-defense. However, at the present stage, the war has not yet pushed her to such ends. As for now, there has been no violation of terms of war imposed on Japan. The president, therefore, should only result in atomic bombs in case of violation of such terms. At the present stage resulting in this weapon would result in immense destruction in Japan as well as America. More to that, the use of these bombs should be after a denied opportunity to Japan for surrender. Furthermore, such an opportunity has to be given through a public announcement for it to hold. In such a case then that such an opportunity was denied, United States of America would have no other way but to result in the use of these bombs (Atomicarchive).

Control and Direction

Arguably, according to the scientists, resulting in atomic bombs at this stage will only speed the successful completion of war and also the destruction of Japan. However, it is not certain what would happen to the Americans. It is very possible that other countries not involved in this war would also arise for fear of their destruction. As a result, a massive war of destruction would start whose effects cannot be reversed. Therefore, for such actions to be taken, it would not be safe if America started it but should only be forced into it through the actions of Japan. These bombs will only be the beginning, and America has the power to control which direction the war takes (Atomicarchive).


In conclusion, the petition is successful as it is achievable. It is possible to avoid the use of atomic bombs at this stage since the way has not reached the extreme extent. It is also safer for the entire world if America did not introduce world destruction during this war since no one knows how far this would go. Finally, these weapons should only be resorted to in the case of self-defense, and at the present stage, this is clearly not necessary. Indeed, before resulting in the war of atomic bombs, several policies have to be laid down first and then violated pushing America to such ends. The president of the United States of America has the power to control the direction of this war. He also can dictate not only the future of Americans but also the future of the entire world with the decision that he makes regarding the use of atomic bombs in this war.

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August 18, 2021

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