Attributes of successful teams

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The Importance of Work Teams and Work Groups

The work teams and work groups in a company environment often include of individuals. A work team is made up of individuals who collaborate on a specific goal in order to achieve organizational objectives. The members of a work group, on the other hand, may or may not be from the same department but are two or more people who are dependent on one another in their endeavors. The team shares tasks and works toward a common goal, whereas the group's members tend to be more independent. This is a key distinction between the two types of organizations. Generally, people typically work as team members with the mutual objective of meeting the goals of the business.

Types of Teams in Organizations

There are usually different types of teams in the organizations, but the most common one is the departmental teams. Being a member of the corporate team has many advantages and the first one is the equal sharing out of duties and active participation of all the members. Moreover, individuals come to develop the leadership qualities when they are part of the teams especially the departmental one (Wisestep, 2016). Every team member plays active roles as there is sharing of duties and no one is idle thus contributing to the growth of the organization. One can become a better team player by giving out their best when it comes to the team activities as they can choose their best areas of interest which they understand better.

Effective Leadership in Teams

For a team to be effective, the leader has to come up with clear objectives which every member understands. It is also the job of the manager to balance out the roles of the team members through the provision of the opportunities for development like job designation and rotational sharing and leadership for the effectiveness of the teams (NCVO, 2017). The leaders can also even make the teams more successful through good communications with the members to motivate them and by the use of appropriate leadership style that promotes a positive working environment.


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February 14, 2023

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