Autocratic Leadership

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Societal Patterns and Post-Organizational Administration

Societal patterns have realized a significant change in the direction of junior staffs. The development of post-organizational administration has seen new leadership practices emerge, fundamentally shaping the morals and culture of the society. Some sociologists popularized a bureaucratic mode of leadership, despite having been undermined before by management theories that aimed at getting things done by machines through people. Furthermore, organizations emphasize the importance of culture, treating their workers with respect and care. These practices correspond with the regular development of post-bureaucratic administration style.


Traditional theories of leadership inclined more on the societal values, a practice that saw the whole society focusing on norms and assuming the economic growth. Both the trait and the behavioral theories put rulers on the move as their behavior are closely monitored by the ruled. However, contemporary leadership practices have embraced production, moral values, and employee motivation. Modern approaches to ruling have, therefore, contributed significantly to the creation of mutual co-existence between the rulers and the ruled.

Modern Sociologists and Management Styles

Modern sociologists have enhanced management styles as a way of bringing balance between the junior and the senior staff. For instance, they have looked at the external factors which seem to impede the purpose of leadership. At some point, autocratic form of governance has been viewed as productive in cases where it has brought a positive impact on firms. Autocracy becomes destructive when employees or the ruled complain of being manipulated or denied crucial privileges in the society. Nonetheless, all leadership styles must be adjusted to suit the existing societal context when the need arises. Such settings include new technologies, changes in norms, economy, and political configurations. Even though these adjustments are necessary, autocratic leadership should not be ignored.

October 30, 2023

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