Avoiding obstacles to intercultural contact

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Several things take place in the process of intercultural contact but the main idea is to share and transfer cultural values between parties (Jandt, 2012). In this regard, in a formal Japanese ceremony, it is important to point out that anxiety must be overcome; before attending the event, people should expose themselves to Japanese culture. When taking the different steps involved in the ceremony, this will equip them with confidence. Perfectionism thrives in Japanese culture and, as such, people participating in the ceremony should be able to master the basic rules followed in the ceremony. A good understanding of the values represented in the ceremony will prevent anxiety.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony is a time-consuming event

The hosts of the event are involved in intensive preparations before the tea ceremony just to make sure it will be perfect. Alluding to the Japanese ways of tradition, every human action is necessary as it will never take place again. From this observation, individuals attending a tea ceremony for the first time should not focus on similarities but differences so as to ensure they are in line with the Japanese way of life.

While attending the Japanese tea ceremony, individuals should accept to learn the way of life according to the Japanese culture. Additionally, they should be respectful to the cultural beliefs and desist from making assumptions and judgments in regards to their cultural beliefs. This can be achieved by learning about the tea ceremony and the values it represents before attending the event. Mainly, they should clear any doubts by raising their concerns to the individuals conversant with the Japanese culture. By doing so, no one will succumb to ethnocentrism as they will have a better understanding of the ceremony.

Prejudice is perception brought forth to individuals when they have a limited understanding about something. Before attending a Japanese tea ceremony, individuals are advised to familiarize themselves with the event. This can be achieved by visiting a Japanese museum so as to improve one's understanding of the Japanese culture. Of great importance, is for one to understand the negative implication when people learn about your biased opinions about their way of life. Also, one should desist from creating a justification of their prejudices while in the company of self or others in the tea ceremony.

As indicated earlier on, interested parties should acquaint themselves with the values and beliefs of the Japanese culture before setting out to a tea ceremony event (Sadler, 2011). As a matter of fact, one should practice the rituals over and over again so as to portray an understanding of the culture on the day of the event. For instance, if an individual attending the ceremony for the first time is hosting the event, they should know who to greet first when exchanging greetings. Similarly, while in the event, one is advised to be calm as being hyper may lead one to commit mistakes which may not go down well with the guests. Since it is a cultural event, when allowed to speak, individuals should desist from using slang in their spoken speeches. Also, one should be precise and brief to the point. By so doing, one will be able to escape the pitfalls leading to mistakes. Essentially, putting into consideration how individuals of Japanese origin relate to each other will determine how easily one will be adjusted to their way of life.


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August 09, 2021

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