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Caitlyn's Skin Infections

Caitlyn might be suffering from folliculitis, sweat rashes or a fungal skin infection. The microbes that would likely cause these infections are pathogen bacteria, for instance, corneybacterium, symbionts, staphylococci, and commensals. The microorganisms are both pathogens and normal flora. The human body benefits from symbionts. The micro-organic pathogens and normal skin flora also acquire benefits from the human body and causes certain infections. Caitlyn has obtained fungal infection as a result of profuse sweating. The moist, sweaty and warm conditions provided a conducive environment for the growth of fungus. The symptoms may be cracks in the skin, rashes, purple or red patches, erythema, and soreness.

Keflex Antibiotics

Keflex belongs to antibiotics class known as Beta-lactam. It inhibits the biosynthesis cell wall of the bacteria to kill microorganisms. The microbes susceptible to Keflex are gram-positive bacteria that has a thick peptidoglycan layer used to maintain the integrity of the cell wall. The specimen is collected from the peripheral areas by either scraping or by swab. Transport Medias are used according to the organisms suspected- Cary Blair media for shigella, salmonella, vibrio, campylobacter. It is essential to transport in an appropriate media for the microorganisms to be viable. When the specimen arrives, it's inoculated in enriched and selective mediums. For anaerobic, degassed anaerobic holding jar. Also, microscopic examination and sensitivity testing are done.

Pure Growth Culture

Pure growth means that the culture derived from injection of media contains population derived from a single specific bacterial strain. If the culture has pure growth; then specimen collection is free of contamination and good quality. However, if pure growth is not achieved, then specimen collection is of poor quality and involves errors/contamination.

Boils and Staphylococcus Aureus

The microbes that commonly cause bacteria are Staphylococcus aureus; boils are also known as furuncles. The incubation period for boil development is approximately 4 to 10 days. The hot, humid conditions facilitate Tony's problem. Julia should have improvised a drainage method to keep the boil clean and dry. The doctor lance boil to collect the specimen for culture to ensure that the results of staphylococci recorded were accurate and not false positive. The doctor prescribed Tony to start with antibiotics to prevent spreading of the boil and formation of an abscess. The drugs culture was ordered to determine the causative organism and its sensitivity. Tony became an immediate surgery patient because the infection was severe. The common skin microbes that demonstrate skin Gram morphology are Gram-positive cocci.

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococci Aureus (MRSA)

MRSA stands for Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococci Aureus. Community-acquired MRSA is mostly presented as boils in the skin while hospital-acquired MRSA is mainly seen on immunocompromised individuals. The resistance demonstrated by this organism is coaxed by the existence of MIC-A gene that produces a penicillin-binding protein. Vancomycin, though preferred for treatment of the infection because of its nature to inhibit the formation of the cell wall, causes red man syndrome. MRSA produces several enzymes that damage the surrounding skin and soft tissue.

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