Behind the Lines and All Quiet At The Western Front

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It is undeniable and evident that the soldiers who took part in the World Wars I &II underwent a lot of horrific things in their quest for liberation. According to the soldiers, they entered the war as that of defense and freedom but later turned out to be a war of aggression and conquest (Higonne 38). The two films, Behind the Lines and All quiet at the Western Front

are a clear depiction of the pains and sufferings endured by the troops during the Wars. For example in Behind the Lines, one gets to understand how the war was conducted unjustly and insincerely with the troop men being sacrificed. Unfortunately, the plights of the soldiers were only known to them since even those that they left back at their homes did not know of them.

            All Quite at the Western Front is a film that also revolves around and reveals the plight of troops and soldiers. It focuses on high school graduates who were recruited in the Germany Imperial Army for the duration of the First World War I.  Paul, and his classmates entered into the war with a perception that they were privileged being in the war since that would be an excellent opportunity for adventure. Unfortunately, Paul's classmates were killed in the battle leaving him alone. Most of them perished in the battlefields while others in the trenches (Remarque 54).  The two films play a significant role in helping people to understand the plight of the World Wars and also the selfless sacrifices made by the soldiers in the quest for liberation. The dual is a clear depiction of what soldiers go through when on the battlefield without the consent of their relatives, families and loved ones back at their homes.

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September 25, 2023

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