Biography of Edwin Howard Armstrong

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1899- He completed his degree in which he also did a dissertation in radio waves. After his graduation, he devised radio equipment and dynamos.

1902- He started De Forest Wireless Telephone Company in which he sold radio equipment and demonstrated new technology by making use of Morse code signals.

1906- In the process of improving wireless telegraph equipment, he improved the vacuum tube, an invention of Ambrose Fleming.

1913- On behalf of shareholders, he was sued by U.S Attorney General for deceit.

1916- He contributed to the first radio advertisement and first election reported through the radio.

1919- De Forest acquired a patent on his filming processes.  He directly recorded sounds onto film.

Edwin Howard Armstrong

1933- He secured patents for the advancement of circuits that were to solve the most common challenges. During the period, he revealed a completely new radio system, from the transmitter to receiver. Instead of causing variation to the amplitude, the new radio system modulated the waves over frequencies. The new approach brought along a carrier wave, amplitude that was created by natural storms. The new system required an upgrade of transmitters and receivers and therefore failed to be embraced by the whole radio industry.

1939- He built an FM station at an expensive cost to prove his worth. The system was then developed to be sustainable

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1906- He quit school to become a messenger, it’s the time he used his money to buy a telegraph instrument. He would later find work as a radio operator for American Marconi. It’s the place where he became one of the best radio inventors.

1912- He relayed the news to the press after Wanamaker station got information from the ships that were providing rescue to the survivors of Titanic.

1920- He received a small amount after reiterating a memo to develop his radio prototype. By 1939, he was able to give a demonstration of the new idea.

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