Born into Brothels (2004)

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Born into Brothels: Informing and Uplifting Society

Born into Brothels, a 2004 documentary, is a model work based on its ability to inform and uplift the society in which we live. The movie tells the tale of Ross Kaufman and Zana Briski as they traverse Calcutta. The Red Light District prostitutes' offspring are visited by them. The journey of these kids is then extensively shared in a visual story that Kaufman and Briski create. They consequently spread the images of the kids to build a world of hope. The film also significantly changes the fates of the kids by disseminating the photos. In this regard, the film successfully creates a beautiful outcome amidst the ugliness portrayed in Calcutta’s Red-Light District. The imminent capability of the filmmakers to achieve a balance between the visual and restoring hope in the children’s life is well portrayed in the story.

The Power of Art in Born into Brothels

Born into Brothels (2004) is a captivating story of the power of art in the transformation of the lives of children in a hard situation. As the children in the movie take the photos, they do so with imagination and zest. They shoot the photos their favorite spots after which they mark them with crayons. The outcome is that the pictures capture the life and in the process demonstrate the hope within a great challenge. One child who demonstrates a changed destiny gets the opportunity to exhibit his photography after winning a week’s trip to Amsterdam. Furthermore, the film makes it clear that prostitution in the district is not a choice rather it is a settled way of life. By teaching the children photography skills and therefore attest to altered the expected curse of life of the children engaging in prostitution.

Slum Dog Millionaire: Bridging Two Worlds

Slum Dog Millionaire (2008)

This is a film that has universal appeal, and it tells the story of an orphan in Mumbai who rises from rags to riches based on his intelligence. The film bridges two different worlds in India: The world of the poor characterized by people living in the streets and world of the middle class who lead fulfilling lives. The role of the slumdog millionaire is played by Jamal, a boy who is high-spirited and defiant. The boy who is an orphan is born into a brutal existence and struggles to edge his way out of poverty by first becoming a petty thief and an impostor. He is guided by the desire to dodge poverty and consequently rises into wealth and becomes successful.

Jamal's Journey from Tea Maker to Quiz Contestant

Initially, Jamal held the job of making tea in a call center. He astonishingly manages to secure a position in a show as a contestant in a quiz and answers all the questions right. The film employs his winning streak to create the dilemma that raises the question of whether he is a fraud or a savant genius. The creator of the movie integrates flashback within various chapters of the boy, each which unlocks an answer to questions in the contest. Amidst the drama, the film also has scenes that depict extreme violence, a murder that is perpetrated by young children on their fellow children. Also, the film considerably depicts hopelessness and poverty. In another perspective, the film is a depiction of savagery that is conducted Indian children in conjunction with the view of India from an outsider’s perspective.

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