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Bowling: My Favorite Sport

Bowling is my favorite extracurricular sport. I've only been doing it for about a year, so I'm still not very good, so I'm trying to get better by training with my peers. As other novice bowlers will testify, I sometimes toss a gutter ball or two. In reality, during my first game, I scored up to 15 gutter balls out of the 21 possible rolls of the ball down the lanes. To put it mildly, I did not do well in that game. With time and a few drinks, though, I was able to resolve the painful setback and move on. I enjoy bowling not only for the physical aspects but also for the camaraderie that the game inspires. Bowling can be either a pass time for you and one friend or one which many friends can enjoy simultaneously. I enjoy taking time off from my studies to enjoy a few games of bowling each week. The activity is good for me and it gives me a stress release from my studies.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Bowling Ball

One of the first things that I had to master about bowling, I discovered even before I set foot on the lanes. That was selecting a ball of the right weight for me. This is a very important aspect of bowling (right next to having well-fitting bowling shoes) because the wrong size ball can cause the beginning bowler all kinds of problems from injuries to embarrassment. Injuries come when the ball is too heavy for you to handle and causes muscle strain or other injuries over time. Embarrassment comes in those comical moments when you approach the line to release the ball only to find that it has flown off your hand and landed somewhere behind you, often among the people playing with you, which causes an injury of a different kind. Those things aside, bowling is becoming a valuable part of my life, not only to relax me after studying but also in promoting healthy and lasting relationships with my friends.

January 13, 2023

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