Bros before Hos_ the Guy Code

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The "guy code" rules refer to a person's flaws and emotional breakdowns at any point in their life. Men and boys must demonstrate by their facial expressions that everything is well and that they have control over the majority of their occurrences. At both difficult and easy times, these emotions center around ideals and reasoning. Kimmel's comments are consistent with the concepts of famous psychologists such as Robert Branson (1976), who argued that men must not have sissy stuff and that a man's views must center on a winning formula. From a personal perspective, these are what I believe a man must show just as in relationships where they must be in strong emotional severe than the women.

The psychology of the "guy code" is the statements of most psychologists and researchers who establish the characters they must portray before society. One of them is being masculine as women suggest. In such a case, men must not involve themselves in sissy stuff or being gay. Additionally, he must be successful, robust, and reliable during crises. These suggestions point to a man who can manage all these from an age when they begin to come out of adolescence to maturity. Emotionally, they become stronger and improve on this situation with time. These extend to their relationships, which they must show the ability to manage.

Finally, to prove that men are not gay, they must avoid expressions that show their love in romantic terms to men as they show to women. In behavior, for example, a man may not hold the hands of another man in either public or private. Besides, when in a situation of homophobia, men must not use feminine terms to seek help from a fellow man in a laddish language.

From Fly-Girls to Bitches and Hos

Morgan enjoys rap music and feels persuaded by their sexist appeal. She argues that the music expresses the deep pain in American black communities. Rap music creates awareness that makes people understand the need to heal faster and make their positions real. For the female fans, she fears the likely misuse of sex to gain power in the music industry. These follow several cases and events when women use their bodies to entice other people who are close to awarding them this power. I agree with Morgan's expression of anger in hip-hop as people must make sure they express the information about their anger clearly. The pains and gains of the past must be clear to understand and make sense of the problems to people for better understanding.

The items of violence that black women go through are little access to things that society feels is better for them. Some of these are power and protection, which they do not access easily. Women use sex as a selling object for them to gain some benefits in music. The causes of violence are the insistence on the artists to give some of the privileges from women. Otherwise, the music and entertainment they share are invalid to the society. Additionally, the society closing its ears to the problems women face. Her analysis is persuaded a community that has little access to the benefits with the majority being forced to accept immorality to succeed.

The expression of Morgan about a healing space is the time and self-reflection people must have regarding the problem in this case. One of the ways to win this expression is to have men and women take time, understand, and create the correction they need for the female hip-hop singers. The space she talks about includes both the societal space to enable them to express themselves and their abilities. If I were to establish the same space, I would allow the women to speak and show their ability in the music industry.

May 17, 2023

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