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A market difference review compares the company's target results to the real performance in order to identify the source of the performance decline. This results in depletions, which are referred to as market gaps. Texas Airlines is facing a variety of problems that are causing a decline in results and massive losses. One of the main obstacles the airline encountered was service provision; the firm did not meet the expectations of its customers. The majority of consumers demand a high quality of support. This could have been caused by poor employee training, poor human resource planning, or the employees in the industry lacked the knowledge and the skills for service provision. This gap exposes the flaws of the employees making the Airline uncompetitive to other service providers. To curb this challenge, the airline was supposed to understand their customers’ needs, define their standards, and improve service performance using better training for the employees and recruiting only skilled staffs.

The airline was also faced by the poor employees and management relationship, which was due to bad compensation by the company, autocratic method of leadership which became a tough technique for the workers to go by and handle customers’ complaints as they had to follow the instruction provided in the handbook strictly. This fissure could be closed by; providing the employees with a better, free working environment, providing good pays for them and also giving incentives as a way to motivate them, provide continuous training to employees and practice good leadership which is democratic. This would have helped in solving the employees’ problems inviting for good service delivery.

The Texas international airlines should have also provided better communication with their clients and employees to aid in the provision of better and quality service. Use notification to customers to ensure they don’t miss their flights for rescheduling or are late for flights is a better option to improve their customer business communication an easy to obtain clients feedback. The airline has also developed a sharing technique with other companies in order to provide quick services to their clients; this step is to improve service performance of the business by repositioning their standards of service for customer satisfaction. Effective strategies to close the business gaps should be quickly adopted in order to create best products, maximize customer satisfaction, provide quality service, maximize profits, and achieve a higher market share to beat competitors.


Neal F. Thomson, C. S. (1999). REINVENTING CONTINENTAL AIRLINES. Proceedings of the International Academy for Case Studies, 6.

December 21, 2022


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