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Cancer refers to an atypical growth of cells in the body (malignancy). There are a hundred different categories of most cancers including skin cancer, lymphoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate and colon most cancers among others. Every type of most cancers has distinct symptoms and characteristics. The mode of treatmentmay consists of radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery. The research will address the strategy to cancer treatment. Additionally, it will consider the facet effects and complications encountered in the cure of cancer illness. Lastly, it shall outline the techniques that reduce the psychological and physical effects.In the manifesto written via Oiticica concerns his ideas and views of the Tropicalia exhibition. The exhibition contains the works of different artists dealing in the contemporary art around Brazil. From the manifesto, Oiticica introduces the Tropicalia installation in the exhibit since the day of inceptions. The idea was composed in 1966 from the collective objectivity of Anthropofagia formulation and cannibalism. Oiticica claims that theory of objectivity formed the foundation of the Brazillian avant world art that characterized the nation’s state art. From the essay, I will apply the Oiticica’s manifesto to generate his views and ideas concerning the Tropicalia installation in the Brazillian state.
To begin with, Oiticica argues that Tropicalia exhibits first ever conscious objective and image oriented in the Avante-Garde and national characterization. The definition of the terms objectivity and anthropophagy symbolizes the willing of nationalization. Oiticica says that that the process began with the knowledge of the samba and the formulation of “parangole” in the year 1964. Besides, the experience gained from the discovery of Morros, Rio’s rifles (slums), the river shacks on stilts among others things brought much effort in installing the art.
According to Oiticica, Parangole adds the seed and the flavor to the Universalist plane of ideas that included the sensory incorporation of return to the myth. All were covered under the conceptions of “New Objectivity” and Tropicalia. Helio Oiticica feels that the grasp of the whole idea of Tropicalia installation is understandable from the definition of Parangole. A London critic Guy Brett says in his Tomies Romans that the term Parangole would mean something never seen before. The effect of the action never witnessed back would adversely American and European art. Therefore, from his point of view, the Tropicalia creates the platform where best artistic ideas get electrified. It makes the objective come real.
Helio Oiticica explains his ideas about the composition of Penetrable arts. He claims that environmental projects take into account the various components such as supreme experience and the experimental image field. From the background knowledge, he created the tropical scenario with different natural resources including sands, pebbles, parrots with plants. The experience of walking through the environment and knocking around tropicalia sent a chilling moment of scary times in gullies and curves of Morro caves. It was fantastic seeing the image of architecture slums and the feeling of treading the earth.
The walk through the main Penetrable created a sensational experience leaving the participant wondering who created this excellent, an imaginistic meaning there. The images set friends to feel like labyrinth soaring in the dark with no TV set switched on. The perception is sensory creating and very active in drawing the attention of viewers in the exhibition. In a letter addressed to the Guy Brett revealed the opinion that Penetrable impacted as the most anthropophagist work in Brazil has an intense sensation of devouring. Helio Oiticica viewed the image as opposing objectivity however much it was universal. Therefore, he proposed that it places the setting of Brazil in the typical analysis of national and tropical.
In summary, in the extraction of the ideas and views of Helo Oiticica regarding the Tropicalia Brazillian art, the above information did respond to them. Oiticica introduced Tropicalia since the inception and the essential components of the work. He says to have created Parangole from the natural resources such as sand, slums and many other things but it came to be the centre of attraction at the exhibition.

From Folha de Sao Paulo, Folhetim, Sao Paulo. (1984). Retrived from

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