Case study of how decisions are influenced

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What influence tactic did each staff use? The way that a request is stated will determine if the same feelings develop. their level of power over an individual, a panel, or listeners. With influencing strategies, this has a lot to do. Explanatory research on influencing strategies used by people were undertaken by Conger and Riggio (2012). According to conventional wisdom, there are around eleven ways to persuade someone to do anything, yet Jose, Kira, John, and Sandy used only four of them to persuade their manager to approve the implementation of their project.

Intimidating was utilized by Jose. Heller (2011) defines ingratiating tactic as a situation where a person seeks to get another one in happy moods mood or to think positively before making a request. Jose tries to make the manger think high of him by throwing in some complements on his behavior. He refers to him as a great leader with good skills in decision-making.

Kira uses inspirational appeal tactic. This is where an individual seeks impact by creating an emotional appeal to ignite enthusiasm by appealing to others standards and epitomes (Conger & Riggio 2012). Kira tries to bring out the values that their manger ascribes to. This is an attempt to make her proposal favorable.

John on the other hand employs rational persuasion as an influencing tactic. He points out the fact that his idea has the highest chance of return with the least risk. Conger and Riggio (2012) explain this as looking for influence by rational advices and accurate proof to convince others on the viability of a request.

Finally, Sandy uses coalition tactic to try to persuade the manger into her favor. She said she talked to the folks in marketing and they supported her idea. Conger and Riggio (2012) describe this kind of tactic as using the support of others to try to win or bring favor to self.

Best influential tactic

It is important to analyze a situation before employing an influencing tactic. Different tactics work best in different situations. It all depends on the surrounding factors and what is regarded important in a particular situation. In this case, a budget is limited and John’s proposal is the best option as he points out factual arguments in support of his proposal. John employs rational persuasion which Cohen (2017) explains that the likelihood to support this reasons as an influencer proves logical reasoning of the success in the completion of a project.

John shows credibility, which in this case is important. The feasibility and the importance of his project are brought out through his logical reasoning. He says his idea has the least risk. One of the most important things in a project is risk management. It not only allows for a chance to identify with the potential harms but on a higher side it helps bring out the strengths that the project has.

Least Effective Influence tactic and Why?

The least persuading effect will be with Jose’s attempts. Making decisions is based on a conscious choice, deep sense and awareness of a situation. Maxwell and Dornan (2013) say ingratiation is interesting that this tactic does not work on the bosses but it may work well with co-workers, peers and subordinates though. The fact that manger has far received many compliments in his working years, only seems possible. That is why he is a manager in the first place. While a soothing remark or a good word would call in for some favor, logic reasoning goes a long way. Before implementing a project, it is important to listen to other ears of the organization. Sandy who supports her proposal with consultation from the marketing department stands a better chance than Jose. Through her strategy she shows she has had others involved which makes it easier for the manger to make a decision.


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