challenges in engineering

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Technology evolved with man's evolution. Engineering is the primary driving force behind human society. From the Stone Age through trade and flight, humanity relied on the development of new agricultural tools and textile technology. Technology has profoundly affected man's life in the industrial era, from labor replacement to computer supplements to better fitness (Humlum, Instanes, & Sollid, 2003).

Growth, delivery of water and electric power, television broadcast, emerging ways of fuel and energy processing, computation, satellites, and space flight have all recently become more common. As much as there have been advantages in this mile stone, there have been challenges also.

As population increases the consuming rate increases, and so is the need and desire of improved civilization to improve quality of life .it is mainly protection from vulnerabilities of pandemic disease and terrorism, enhancement of the joy of living which is the most considered by man and sustainability.

Challenges must be solved to ensure a better future as the population grows so do the needs of man grow .man has focused on developing new for forms of energy as he prevents nature fighting back. Sunshine was the greatest form of energy that could not affect the earth in any way, but the consumption of energy is higher than the provision of the same. Keeping in consideration, they are days where it_x0092_s rainy or cloudy.

The quest for new forms of energy has considerably increased through new ways have come up such as nuclear fusion. Use of fossil fuel is continuously being eliminated from the fuel budget. Due to the effects of burning fossil fuel increases the amount of carbon dioxide levels which mainly causes an increase in temperature known as global warming. Global warming has so many effects in man_x0092_s life, and as we already know, the highs priority in his life is the joy of living so increased the fight against the burning of fossil fuel (Cox, Betts, Jones, Spall & Totterdell, 2000).

Greater use of nitrogen has been witnessed mainly in the agriculture field for example, the use of nitrogen material to increase food production. Plants are our primary source of food in consideration to the food chain. Human activity has doubled the rate at which nitrogen is used due to the widespread use of nitrogenous fertilizer. This has worsened the state of global warming so engineers must come up with cycle to solve the nitrogen problem (Cox, Betts, Jones, Spall & Totterdell, 2000). This is to maintain the levels of nitrogen and at the same time conserve the environment for the continuous production of food.

Nitrogen usage has brought effects of smog and acid rain, polluting water. Water is among the chief concerns due to the short supply .water is used in irrigation for large scale production and in personal consumption to cook, hygiene purpose and in our health .so efforts of a private purifying system are under way. Human health remains a significant problem even with the invention of modern medicine; old disease such as malaria remains a leading cause of death. The aim of biomedical is to fulfill that promise of personalized medicine to our D.N.A.

Intelligence is the primary concern of government to predict the terrorist attack and monitor terrorist activity this is for security reasons. Mainly is to make people feel protected and not protecting the people. It invades the personal private space .instead engineering should face real problems like sustaining the ecosystem better medical care and other environmentally friendly sources of energy.

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December 08, 2022

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