Changing Bodies Changes Minds

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The way we process out-groups has become largely based on our biases and stereotypic understanding of them. This, in particular, makes us socially predisposed to recognize the tacit bond between ourselves and the out-groups. Human beings also let bodily delusions take hold of them, making them feel like their own bodies that are much removed from their own. In particular, the ownership of an out-group entity has an obvious attribution of a large reduction in the unconscious prejudice that the out-group one owns. As a result, improvements emerge in the mechanism of self-association. The process first takes place in the bodily domain that portrays its physical ambiance. Thereafter, there is an extension of the association that leads to the generalization of the self-like out-group in the conceptual domain.

There is a partial overlap between our bodies and that of others depending on the way in which we perceive their conceptual bodies. The latter plays a crucial role in our social cognitive processes and capabilities. The perception paves way for the activation of bodily states that are similar to those we envision to be like. This, in turn establishes a connection that makes one at the forefront in comprehending the actions, reasoning and emotions of others. On the contrary, if we have negative attitudes towards the personalities of others, we tend to misalign our thoughts and feelings from theirs making it impossible to create link that helps us understand them. This is because our implicit social attitudes undergo a modulation that reduces the sharing of bodily states.

The reading helps me understand why most people do the things they do just because of the emotional attachments they have to others. It further assists in shaping my thinking towards the existence of others and develop a perception towards them. The reading can be applied in psychological couple and family counseling. Also, it may be quite vital in the fostering of better Virtual Reality (VR) experiences toward others that are meaningful in adjusting our thoughts and attitudes towards them.

Question 2: Being really Virtual By Steinicke


Health and Cyber sickness

Cyber sickness is one of the problems that users often exhibit. The symptoms are majorly seen either during or after the VE experience. It is rather unfortunate that there are no means known to man that can be used in getting of the problem. Cyber sickness has a close relation to motion sickness. Although VR users often exhibit little motion, there is a compelling feeling that alludes to visual imagery self-motion.

Unlimited Motion

The type of motion in the world is quite different from that in the VEs. This is because that in the VE is locomotion through realistic simulation that is rather difficult to achieve. Most of the domains that are in VE are three dimensional. Owing to this, visual simulation is often endeared towards the provision of a good locomotory sense.

Missing Realistic Visual-Haptic Interaction

Visual-Haptic interaction involves the combination of sound, touch and vision to form an essential trinity of VR interaction. However, the modernity and realism that consumers currently achieve through advanced haptic input devices proves to be quite convincing.

Inadequate Self-Representation

In other VR projects, the human body always appears to be visible. Such include CAVEs and VR project-based setups. Contrary to anticipations, the situations appear to be varying in HMDs such as HTC vive or Oculus Rift. When one is wearing the latter, he/she cannot see his/her own body.

Isolated Social User Experience

Most of the research that is BR based has been mainly on the improving single user experiences. The technical limitations owe their hindrance to Collaborative interactions and social presence of tangible IVE artifacts.


Laws Versus Anarchy

There has been controversy over whether specific VR rules should be put into use. This is because the first objects that found their way in Ivan’s report were bullets and handcuffs. In the real sense, the regulations may be important in putting an end to borderline violence and other content of the same line.

Principles of Cyberspace Design

There are seven principles that govern the design of the cyberspace. They include that of exclusion, indifference, scale, transit, commonality, personal visibility and maximum exclusion. The rules and principles are ultimately beneficial and inevitable since they provide the means by which the spatial geometry and interactions in the VE are designed.

Ethics and Rules of VR

There are potential risks and dangers that Immersion poses to human beings. The dangers may lead to extreme dystopian cases. Also, the risks may go beyond just the normal technological hazards that are known to man.

Asimov’s Laws

The rules and regulations that may be as well used in EV can be found in other fields of study including that of robotics. Most of the laws in robotics were mainly the work of Isaac Asimov. He wrote thee laws; a robot may injure, obey and protect human beings and their existence.

Simple Rules of VR Usage

The discussion on the ethical code of conduct suggests the recommendations that may be very important in the scientific practices that involve VR technology. The simple VR usage rules help in the scientific practices that have a close relation to VRs.


The rules and regulations are very important in my project. In the operations involving robotic inventions and VR equipment, I can apply the VR rules and regulations as the code of conduct of my project to prevent accidents and taking perilous risks.

Question 3

Human-Centered Design

The design focuses on the experience that the user gets in wearing the VR equipment. This makes it quite vital for my project since I it also bases it focus on the learning and knowledge that it imparts on the user.

High Level Design Considerations

The design states the level of consideration that the user of a particular interface expects. There is a design with, of and for the virtual environments. This way, it is easy to know the basis interface of the project. It is important in my project since I will be in a better position to choose the interface that I can comfortably work.

Introduction and Background

The design gives a toolbox of the options that the owner of a project can intellectually choose from and learn the basic that are prerequisite of them. Through this part, I can perfectly make the best choice of the tools that I can use.

An Overview of Various Realities

The part explains the way in which one can create a project and choose the type of reality they wish to include in it. Notably, I will be at a better position to make the choice on the reality that in intend to include in the project I intend to create.

High-Level Concepts of Content Creation

The section explains the challenges that the builder of a project undergoes in creating a user experience that is rewarding, enjoyable and challenging. This way, the user gets high level experience. This section is important in building a project that is of high content and rewarding.

Conceptual Integrity

The section elaborates the key concepts in project building and an array of the various constraints and contexts involved. This may help me in coming up with a project that is quite enjoyable so that users find the necessity to come back.

Input devices

The section matches the interaction techniques with the probable devices that could be important in such sections. This section helps me understand the difference in the devices that I may need to use in my project and determine the best from among other devices.

Interaction Patterns and Techniques

In this part of the design, there are methods of determining the interaction patterns that may be applied in projects to ensure both human and pointing pattern selection in users. There are hand, pointer, volume, image and plane selections patterns involved. I can use this knowledge to include all the above interfaces so that the users may enjoy their experience better.

July 24, 2021


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