Character education

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Teaching kids with the goal of fostering the highest moral principles, good manners, critical thinking, and the ability to function in society is known as character education. On the subject of character education, hardly much is said. According to Clark (2013), many talented students come with the personality naturally. It is impossible to concur with this assertion. Character education should be provided so that pupils who are not exhibiting the required behaviors can grow into them (Clark, 2013). It is well known that children pick up some of their character traits from the people and surroundings they live in. This makes it necessary for the schools to have the character education to help those who do not, naturally, posses these character or those who are not that gifted.

Jennifer claimed that there is no character trait that she would like to see in a gifted student and goes ahead to say that the quality character should apply to all students. This is true. The society should be uniform and unbiased when raising children. No one should be treated as gifted and other not. All these students are expected to be in the same society later on, and they would influence other as they grow up. Therefore on this point, I agree with Jennifer. Therefore there should be a character education for all children whether they are gifted or not should not be the deciding factor here(Clark, 2013). It is something that helps develop good character for all students and Jennifer is right to say that she has no preferred character that she would want to see in gifted students but to all of them.


Carrie wrote that character education has been in existence only that people must have been shying from practicing them due to the issue of partisan politics and faith practices. Carrier is right on this, there have been too much politics and faith in various learning institutions until it is difficult to make the steps of implementing character education. Carrie in this work also claimed that loyalty, honesty, and heart of justice should be included in the character education. This is true, these children should develop to be socially acceptable beings in the society, and therefore there character cannot be negotiated (Parkay, Anctil and Hass, 2014). They must have it for a better society.

Carrier further stated that there is no specific character she wants to see in gifted students but would like to see all of them being taught integrity, which makes them do the right things even if no one is watching. This is right; integrity is the first steps towards achieving the desired society. There should not be some students left out that they are the gifted character. The student should be taught to control their temper as this would make them good decision makers in the society. In this, Carrie is saying that self-control should be one of the topics in character education (Parkay, Anctil and Hass, 2014). To this, she is right, and all public and private schools should embrace the character education and not categorize some students as gifted. However, I do not agree with the point where Carrie claims that many students does not want to put effort to work well. It is the teachers to help them both in teaching and counseling to develop better character.


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February 09, 2023

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