Chinese Ethnic Group in California Essay

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One of the states in the United States with the widest ethnic diversity is California. It combines roots from Mexico, Spain, the Eastern United States, and Asia with foods, customs, and languages from all over the globe. History shows that the state is a hub for possibilities. People travel to California in pursuit of such opportunities in social, technological, leisure, and business. This essay will focus on the Chinese and their history of immigration to California as a result. It will go into detail about their present situation as well as the factors that caused them to migrate. The Chinese migration into California entails two parts. The first wave came during the early 19th century with the second one coming in the 1970s to the present. During the first wave, economic pressures and political unrest forced thousands of Chinese to move towards the western parts of the U.S. to look for jobs. The Chinese were escaping the Taiping Rebellion, which compounded their region. Most of them were also attracted to the California Gold Rush in 1849-era. They moved to California in search of fortune as it was the case with several other communities. Furthermore, they came to assist in the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. Most of them also took part in establishing California’s fisheries and agriculture while also working in the plantations just after the Civil War (Batalova).

Even as most Chinese entered the United States, ethnic discrimination and anti-Chinese sentiments culminated to the U.S. Congress prohibiting labor migrations and preventing them from acquiring citizenship. Due to these hardships, most of the immigrants returned to China. The second wave began entering the United States from 1965 after the restructuring of the immigration structure that adopted a more lenient approach to migration giving chances for non-European migrants. Unlike the first migration, the second phase of Chinese were highly skilled. They were driven by the economic opportunities in California and somehow friendly immigration policies (Ling-chi).

The Chinese existence in California is fundamental. They contribute to the enhancement of the living standards within the state and the country as a whole. Due to their vitality, the Chinese have created several bodies to assist in their operations. For example, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce located in Los Angeles promotes the growth of a cadre of Chinese America business in Southern California. Furthermore, it serves the wider business community. Currently, the Chinese American enterprises are roughly 160,000 in Los Angeles employing over 440,000 individuals to generate $70 billion taxable income. As such, this body ensures that all interest pertaining the general California community are addressed (Chinese Chamber of Commerce).

The Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco is another organization that strives to integrate the cultures within this state. This particular organization fosters the comprehension as well as the appreciation of Chinese history, culture, and art in the U.S. The association also assists Chinese immigrants to settle in America by offering protection against discriminations like those experienced during the 19th century. The organizations assist the Chinese to integrate within the American culture and vice versa. Presently, Chinese American Business proprietors are playing a significant role in California, more than just employers. They continue to hold positions as creative pioneers, civic leaders, and corporate innovators. A good example can be drawn from Betty Yee who serves as the California State controller. Between 2004 and 2015, Betty Yee was a member of the California Board of Equalization. As such, this implies that the Chinese presence within California is fundamental in several aspects (Bancroft).

Though the Chinese have managed to integrate into the American culture, they have not lost their cultural roots. Instead, they have blended their cultures with the American culture to make the relevant, yet retain their distinctiveness. They remain a viable ethnic enclave. In that regard, they create organizations that help in learning their cultures. For example, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance that was founded back in 1963 is concerned with the study, documentation as well as presentation of the Chinese American history. By creating a Chinese atmosphere within America, the community can retain its cultural identity. One of the most prominent sites in San Francisco is Chinatown. The building is designed to accommodate hundreds of resources such as cultural centers, child care programs, arts organizations, cultural centers, health and senior avenues. Through publications, educational programming, and exhibitions, the bodies promote the bequest of Chinese America. The Chinese always come back to this areas to relive the Chinese experience (U.S. Census Bureau).

One of the most prominent events entails the San Francisco Chinese New Year Festival and Parade that is managed by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. It is held roughly two weeks after the Chinese New Year’s day. The event combines some constituents of the Chinese Lantern Festival with an American parade. It has been one of the most consistent events in California that began in 1858. Furthermore, it is the largest Asian cultural event held outside Asia. The parade normally starts from the Market Street and ends in Chinatown. The parade usually attracts approximately 500,000 individuals. The entire parade takes several hours and is filled with different colorful costumes, traditional dragon dance, and floats. It is also braced by politicians along with their families ( By bracing this event, the Chinese illustrate their viability within the American society. As the diagram below illustrates, they conduct the parades in cultural attires. Furthermore, it is normal to find most of the Chinese-born individuals in their cultural costumes during these colorful events.

Figure 1: San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade

Even though they embrace their cultures passionately, it is not the same when it comes to religious affiliations. The majority of this group switches religions; hence, do not go back to their old neighborhood to attend church. This is because they do not affiliate with a particular religion like many other ethnic communities. Evidently, it is hard to find a Chinese-cultured church within the California. However, most always come to relieve the cultural experiences like the parades. In Chinatown, this community can access everything they need pertaining their culture ( Furthermore, they practice Chinese medicine, which is a popular aspect in the contemporary world. The Chinese medicine is a complex system incorporating herbal medicine, acupuncture, remedial massage, breathing therapy, lifestyle and diet advice as well as exercise. Theoretical frameworks encompassed within the culture are used to assess, diagnose and treat individuals. The Chinatown center within California encompasses all these elements further illustrating their enclave. According to the Chinese people, their medicine has some spiritual feel. In other words, the spiritual feeling embodied in the medicine provides the much needed healing. Yoga is also a common practice within California due to the influence of the Chinese. Yoga as deemed by the Chinese can be used for both preventive and curative measures. It helps relax the mind and is also a form of exercise. Due to this noble cultural events, the community always comes back to attend the ethnic festivals.

In conclusion, ever since they migrated into California in search of fortune during the gold rush era, the Chinese have remained unique concerning their culture. They escaped the Taiping Rebellion due to the economic and political pressures it caused. In California, they found a new home that was conducive. As such, the Chinese migration into California was championed by the formation of several bodies that helped the new immigrants to settle within the state. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce is one of the organizations that assist the Chinese and the entire California community regarding businesses. In the contemporary globe, it is imperative to embrace diversity for a corporation to achieve globalization. In that regard, the Chinese associations within California help the residents to embrace one another’s cultures. The state organizes different events to uphold cultural diversity. In that regard, the Chinese can showcase their cultures. It is a means of reliving China within the United States. One such event is the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade. It is embraced by prominent people in the society like politicians and their families. In general, the Chinese community continues to be fundamental in California and the country at large.


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July 07, 2023

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