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The Most Well-Known Movie: Citizen Kane

The most well-known and highly regarded movie in the world is Citizen Kane, a modern, smart, and classic masterpiece. It features numerous outstanding performances, situations, and narrative devices, as well as significant advancements in photography, sound recording, and editing (Citizen, pg. no 34). The producer, actor, and director of this movie are all geniuses. The individual's contribution to the play has been the subject of much discussion over many years.

The Unexpected Journey of Citizen Kane

The movie, which cost $800,000 at the time of release, received a ton of accolades. It did not go as expected. This was because of unequal distribution and untimely release by RKO, pressured from the well-known megalomaniac publishers W.R Hearst. It was sold after the Second World War, found well required but delayed market in European countries and afterward aired on television.

The Controversies Surrounding Citizen Kane

The film eyed the controversies and ruthless suppressions in 1941 via blackmail, discrediting, intimidation, newspapers smear and investigations from the FBI. This is before leading in the City on May 1, 1941. That happened since it was seen fictional and caricaturizing given procedures and persons in the future of William Randolph Hearst; a newspaper’s tycoon and publisher that's very powerful (Citizen, pg. no 15). The movie got the accuse of making remarkable, uncomplimentary and unflattering similarities in reality.

The Pressure on Hearst and the Boycott Threats

Louella Parsons, the gossip columnist, pressured Hearst, her newspaper boss of being slandered by RKO and Orson Welle's films when it was first previewed. The other media outlets and the Hearst owned newspapers threatened to boycott the film and libel lawsuits. Hearst also gave an order to his publications to ignore the film entirely and reject the adverts from the RKO projects. However, Charles Foster Kane, the title character, is a group of any numerical figure of powerful, influential and colorful American people and wealthy people in the twentieth century. They were people like the Time Magazine owner and Mogul Luce Henry, Harold McCormick the director of Chicago newspaper and other wealthy people at that time. The real-life Hearst was from a wealthy family unlike Kane, the son of poor board housing proprietors. Unlike Hearst, Kane was also separate from both his parent and wife.

The Intriguing Opening of Citizen Kane

The intriguing opening full of interesting lap ended and movements of the camera from one mysterious picture to the other, detecting closer and closer and then move in. The detective introduction of the film and the camera approach, closely and intimately influenced the starting of Rebecca, Alfred Hitchcock's film (Citizen, pg. no 42). These movies start and end on a mansion picture in the distance. The unwelcoming first look of the film was apparently illuminated.

The Symbolism of the Broken Glass Globe

The subjective and curious camera in a succession of views, behaving over powerfully as it approaches towards the castle. The scene changes to some snowflakes filling the whole screen, the huge commodity demanding the probe. In a haste pullback, it is realized that it's genuinely a wintery scene in a crystal glass in an old man's grasping hand. Symbolically, the memories are held in the individual's hand a collection of teenage life in a log cabin. The first famous murmur of the film echo is spoken by great, rubbery lips filling the screen.

Kane's Final Words and the Fractured Love

In truth, nobody was ready to listen to Kane's final words in the scene. He died alone. Raymond, the butler, listened to the final words as he confirms later in the film. A statement that was reliably incomplete. In the movie, it is assumed that everything was the dying man's dream. The Kane's last conscious was thought as a burning of rosebud in the film before death. He pronounced the final dying utterances as the cold globe unconstrained from the grasp and ran from his hand. These glass balls fell two carpet steps and broke into small pieces on the rough surface. This film's flashback indicates that the broken glass ball signifies a fractured love. A white-uniformed nurse is seen on the screen when the door opens, refracted and distorted via a designed silver of broken glass pieces from the ruptured globe (Citizen, pg. no 25). The nurse in deem silhouette folded his hands on his chest and covered him with a sheet. Again, the lit window seen from inside is viewed next. All dissolves in darkness.

The Legacy of Charles Foster Kane

In conclusion, Kane left his nation's entry into the single fight, the Spanish and American War. This was rejected trial in another 1919, the great war; a clear picture of cemeteries with white crosses. He contributed to the elections to at least one American president. He was seen with Teddy Roosevelt on the platform of a train. He spoke on behalf of many Americans even if he was hated by many. The crowd burned Kane's caricature. There was no public issue where Kane articles took no stand for forty years. He supported all open men, and he never denounced any of them. His close allies who argued with him together with his two wives, Thatcher and Leland, got his support too. Since he had grudges, he hardly finds reconciliation.


Citizen, Kane. Citizen Kane. Place of publication not identified: RKO, 2014. Print.

April 06, 2023

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